Brand new stash, need to wash, have questions!

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Brand new stash, need to wash, have questions!

Hi everyone!!! Thanks for all your help when I posted initally that I was trying to decide what to get for our stash. We finally have it complete, well at least enough to start off with.

I did get instructions on washing when I bought them but it's been awhile since I bought some of them so I just want to make sure I have it right. Once they're all washed up, I will post pictures of them! We got some really cute prints for the pockets Smile

Anyway, we have....

6 small size AMP hemp fitteds, each one comes with a doubler too. We have three newborn size Bummis super whisper wraps for these, and we also have fleece liners since we will mostly use these overnight.
6 one size AMP pockets with 6 AMP bamboo inserts
12 prefolds, we bought the Bummis newborn pack. (I'm a little worried about these, it says they only go to nine pounds and big babies run in the I'm worried she's going to come out 9 pounds and never fit them, what a waste!!)

We have soft water and a top-loading washer, and got Allen's Naturally detergent. First question - my washer has a small/med/large load setting for water level - what should I set it to for diapers? And in that case, how should I adjust the detergent amount? I was told half a capful (which seems like NOTHING) per load, but I forgot about the water level so I don't know if I need to use more or less than that?

And for the initial wash to prep them...I should wash the natural fibers three times each, right? Do I need to dry in between each wash? And can I mix the hemp fitteds, cotton prefolds, and bamboo inserts all in the same load? Then for the covers, fleece pockets and fleece liners, I would wash those separately and only once?

Sorry for all the questions, baby brain is failing me badly lately! :rolleyes:

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The hemp and bamboo need to be washed separately first because you'll be washing the natural repelling oils out of them and you don't want it to get on the other dipes. You can do several hot washes without soap or boil them (if they are liners or prefolds... don't boil PUL or stuff with snaps/velcro).

When you've done that and cotton stuff needs to be washed a couple times to prep it. It becomes more absorbent with each wash.

I've got a front loader, but probably your best bet is to set the water level to high. It won't be an issue now so much, but when your actually washing dirty diapers, the more water the better!

I hope your bummis set will fit! I've got big babies and never bothered with newborn sizes, I just skip to small. It might be worth not opening and then you can return it if thery don't fit?

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i agree with PP...wash the different fibers separately at first with hot water. and, yes, you really only need that tiny amount of detergent! too much, especially with your soft water, and you'll end up with detergent buildup which causes other problems (i know from experience!). Smile more water is better when washing dirty diapers, but you also want them to swish around against eachother, so i don't think you'd want a full washer of water for just a few diapers since they would float all over and not against eachother at all? so it just depends on how many are in the load...enough water to totally submerge them plus a little extra but not way too much. does that make sense? also, an extra rinse at the end is good. and do take the time to dry your prefolds and fitteds between prep washes cause that helps them fluff up and gain absorbency. i know, it's quite a process, huh? but once they're prepped, you're ready to go, and it's way easier! congrats on the new baby and the new fluff!

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Thanks to both of you!! I will get on with washing this week Smile

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We used Bummis prefolds with DD- we had the infant size (not newborn). She was 8lbs1oz and we used them from 2 weeks-6mos. They were awesome. Maybe you can still return that pack, and get the infant size instead?

I used Allen's Naturally for the first year of CDing, and it always worked well for us. I had the powder, and seriously used 1 tsp for a whole load. It definitely seemed like very little...but it was enough!

And I just want to add that I just read about "swish" on the Rockin Green website today... I've been having stink issues, and I think maybe it is because I do actually use TOO much water for the actual washing. For rinsing the more water the better...but when washing, they say you should just use enough to cover the dipes, but like PP said, to let them move against each other, to get them clean. I'm hoping this makes a difference for us!

Good luck!