CD Problem

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CD Problem

This is my 3rd babe in CD and I thought I had it all figured out. He has been in CD since he was 2 months and now is a year, I have never had this problem before.

He is getting an inflamation at the tip of his penis when he wears a CD I have tried to protect it and it does not seem to work. There is no rash anywhere else. He gets this just after one diaper. After all night the tip is red and inflamed. Could it be the ammonia? They have been stripped twice in the last could weeks and that did not work. Would love any help.

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My thought is some sort of food or drink sensitivity that's affecting his pee.

My son has some sort of minor sensitivity to something that makes his penis get inflamed and blister when in cloth overnight (it's not every night even). It's minor enough that it doesn't affect him during the day. Sadly, we haven't been able to figure out what his sensitivity is to. Been trying to figure it out for almost a year now! But in my searching I've found a few others who have had issues like this and when the culprit was found, eliminating that fixed the problem.

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This actually happens with my DS too. Just the tip of his penis gets red in cloth. I can only surmise that it's irritation from rubbing against the cloth since he has been EBF and only recently started solids. It doesn't seem to bother him so I haven't done much to try to curb it. He seems to have pretty sensitive skins as he gets irritation on his legs where they touch the floor when he crawls on the carpet.