Clearance on Swaddlebees Seconds!

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Clearance on Swaddlebees Seconds!

Just picked up 3 OS Blueberry Deluxe for $9 each. They're seconds, but I can never find any flaws in the seconds when I purchase them. They seem to be going fast...I was on the site within minutes of the sale being live and I missed out on the owl print.

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I have some of their "seconds" and can only figure out what the issue is with one of my 3 diapers from there. It's missing the label tag! lol. I love their flats too. Smile

I got the owl print last stocking they had. I love it so much that DS's birthday cake is going to be an owl! Lol

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Thanks for posting it. I didn't see it until a few days afterwards but I was able to get a bamboo OS with stars. I've never had a dipe with this kind of inner before, it looks so soft for baby. She's wearing it right now. I love Blueberries!

ETA: Oh, and the only thing I saw wrong with it is it has some ink looking stains on the white part but it's not noticeable at all. And there's no Blueberry tag on the back but there is one inside.