cloth wipes?

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cloth wipes?

I'm gonna start using them and was just wondering what or how you do it? Right now I just put the baby wash clothes in an old wipes container and added water. I figured it'll be easier to toss all of it in instead of picking out wipes. Should I put some kind of soap in the water w/ the wipes? or is warm water enough?

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I kept my wipes dry and just kept a squirt bottle of water there to wet them as needed. No molding issues that way Smile

Some people make a solution, but plain water is fine too. We kept a bar of baby soap in a dish by the changing table and would rub the wet wipe on it when dealing with a particularly bad mess, but otherwise just stuck with water.

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We have tried both squirting with a water bottle and keeping them wet in an old wipes container. While I liked how wet the wipes were from the container method, boy are cloth wet wipes sitting out in the winter COLD! I finally get why CDers sometimes choose to use warmers. So we're back to the squirt with a water bottle. I usually do water with a small squirt of his body wash since it's the one soap he hasn't been sensitive to.

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I keep a small tupperware container with wet wipes on the change table. It comes with us on outings. I add a squirt of calendula oil, which helps with minor redness. I clean the container out every few days and that keeps the mold away. I haven't run into the cold wipes phenomenon simply because it doesn't really get cold here. Though I remember visiting my Mom in NJ last October and finally understanding why some people use wipe warmers.

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I use a wipe warmer (no mold issues at all). I have two types of wipes, single layer flannel for "pee" wipes, and a Flannel/velour double layered wipe for poop wipes. I use The Green Panda wipe solution (they are on, they smell fantastic! I just put the wipe solution in a container, get the wipes wet, ring them out, and fold them nicely in the wipe warmer. One full wipe warmer lasts us all week.

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We keep it simple.

Dry wipes in a small basket and a spray bottle with water with a squirt of baby wash. I wet the wipes as I need them and sometimes even spray a little on her bottom.

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I just kept a dry pile of baby washclothes. A wipes warmer gave me access to water exactly the right temperature. When needed, dip and use. I never saw the point of keeping cloth soaking. No need to emulate disposable wipes...

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squirt bottle with water and baby washcloths.

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awesome thanks guys! I got rid of my wipes warmer, I've just been wetting them as needed at the sink and she really seems to enjoy the nice warm water! Smile lol