Clothing sizes for CD'd babe
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Thread: Clothing sizes for CD'd babe

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    Default Clothing sizes for CD'd babe

    I asked this question on my regular BB but since we CD I think I might get more accurate guesses from you ladies. There's a JBF sale this coming week and I intend to stock up on fall and winter clothes for my now 10 month old. She's a biggin' as it is at roughly 22 lbs (although only about 28 in) and her diaper forces me to buy even larger pants and onesies. She's solidly in 18m clothes. She has three 24m onsies that even fit well. It's a total guess but I think she might be about 26 lbs and 30 in by the time it starts cooling off here (oh, November). So, what sizes do I buy for her? Will 24m/2T more than likely get me through the winter? 3T would be waaay too big in shirts and waaaay too long in pants, right?
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    I've been thinking more about this and I think I'd stick with 24 month clothing because she might be walking then which helps kiddos usually slim down some and they tend to not gain nearly as much while just gaining height. I've been told to not be surprised if Aiden goes up a size and then goes back down a size or just stays in the same size for what feels like forever. Aiden is 20.5 lbs-ish and 28" and needs to be moved up to 18 month onesies soon (diaper butt definitely plays a part lol). In 2 piece clothing he's still fine in 12 month. For the winter I've planned on 18 month clothing mostly figuring the 2 pieces should fit well then. He might need 24 month onesies which I've got too just in case. I also figure when in doubt, we can dress them up in layers and used jacket and such. Especially considering winter there isn't exactly harsh.

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    Jackie is pretty much right on. My son at 18 months was only 23lbs and 31in, at 1yr he was 29 or 30in and 22-23lbs, he's been in size 18 months clothes since about his birthday and no sign of outgrowing them anytime soon. They definitely thin out once they start walking/climbing/running
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