Comment on pricing?

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Comment on pricing?

Being in Canada I'm finding it VERY hard to find anywhere that sells cloth diaper products. Most of the places that do are high end baby stores. BRU sells some Kushie covers, but that's it.

I found this place the other day. Are the prices good? Buying online from the US isn't an option as we get dinged at the border MAJOR with fees and taxes. This store isn't far from where I live which is a bonus (but they also ship).

I'm just planning ahead for myself one day, but I also have several friends who are expecting and some expressed interest in CD. The other option is buying these bamboo ones and just getting covers. They seem to be the most economical, but I don't know if they are any good:

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Not sure where abouts in Ontario you are, but have you tried the safety store?

There are a few locations around the GTA and that place has everything! It's awesome. I'm not sure if they only carry Kushie though. They are very knowledgeable and can perhaps order you what you need?

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I didn't know they sold CD stuff there! I'm off to check their site out now (but I think the closest one to me is Brampton - about an hour drive..)

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We have a great cloth diaper store here in Waterloo called The Extraordinary baby shoppe. The prices are fair IMO. They also have a store in Ottawa and an online store. They have a pretty good selection of things there.

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A friend of mine lives in Ontario and she shops here...