Covers Mama's - Question?

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Covers Mama's - Question?

I haven't ventured into the prefolds with covers territory yet but I finally tried my first hybrid system. I absolutely love it but I am nervous to reuse the cover. Even if it isn't soiled, how does it not start to smell? I would think just being in close proximity to a soiled insert, it would start to get stickies.

How many times can you use a cover before you should change it if it is not soiled?

thanks Ladies...

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You just let them air out each changing. I'll wash my covers roughly once a week. They dont really stink.

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Yep, I just let it air out. I'll reuse it back to back if we're out and about just so that I don't have to keep another cover in my purse (though I put one in my car just in case). DS does huge explosive poops every 3-4 days right now, so after a poop it gets thrown in a diaper pail but that's a recently thing. Usually just airing it out for a couple of hours is all it needs. I'll wash them when I do my diaper laundry. I have more covers than what I actually need since I wash every 2-3 days (so 5 covers is overkill lol).

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I reuse covers back to back unless it feels a little damp then it gets left out until the next diaper change. Now that DD is eating solids and crawling I tend to change the covers more frequently because it's dirty on the outside :rolleyes:. I had about 5 when she was a NB and I washed every other day. Now I wash every 3-4 days and I could probably get away with about 6-7 covers but I have about 15 because of needing more for daycare and because some are just too cute ;).

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I wipe it down quick with a wipe and let it air out. It doesn't get stinky. I wash them whenever I wash diapers (so like every 3 days).