Detergent ?

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Detergent ?

Where do you buy your detergent and what kind do you buy?

DH thinks I'm a little crazy, but I have bought 3 CD to do a mini trial run (mostly to convince DH) but I need to get detergent. We are going on vacation this weekend - next weekend so I'm not going to try them until I get back.

anything I need to know before I use them? I only need to wash once before wearing, or multiple times?

Thank you!!!

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I use Purex, dye free sent free. So far, it has worked for me. However, I don't have to deal with any poop. DD does that in her potty.

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If you're just buying them to try them out use something simple and cheap like All Free and Clear. Some people use it regularly and don't ever have a problem.

I use Rockin' Green's Hard Rock. I have to buy it online. I'd use something cheaper/easier to buy but I have EXTREMELY hard water and it took months to find a solution. I'm not messing with it. Plus, I have 3 bags of the stuff now because I get a bag every time I've purchased enough on Amazon to get free shipping ;).

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Here's an extremely handy chart of detergents that will show you what you can use. I agree that for a trial run I wouldn't invest in super fancy cloth diaper detergent, just use a regular store kind that is safe. I would have loved Arm & Hammer's new free and clear clean-rinsing if I didn't have the same horrible hard water as Erin...actually, now that I finally tracked down some Calgon, maybe I'll get it again and see what happens this time...


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I've personally tried both Purex F&C and Arm and Hammer....both worked okay at first and then I ran into major stink issues. BUT I think a big part of that could be hard water, I use Rockin Green now and it's worked well for over a year and a half now so i'm not switching Lol
I ordered my first bag through Nicki's diapers with an order that qualified for free shipping, my second bag I got at a diaper store I went to (over an hour's drive away, just wanted to check it out but not something I'd normally do) and my most recent bag I got through amazon and will probably stick with that from now on. I've only gone through 2 bags in a year and a half and am just starting on my 3rd so it's been well worth it to me. Some places offer free samples too or very inexpensive ones

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Liquid all free and clear worked just fine for me for the longest. I currently use Crunchy Clean for my diapers though. Smile

As far as washing, if they're microfiber or something of that sort one wash to prep is all you need. If you're trying something that's all natural fibers like all cotton, bamboo, etc then you might want to wash and dry a few times to get rid of oils and bring it up to better absorbency. And if you're not sure, once will be fine, it just might not absorb a whole lot at first so change more often.

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I use all free and clear.