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I have always used Rockin Green. But when A&A started on solids, their diapers stopped coming out of the wash as clean. SO, I decided to try Charlie's Soap. After less than a week of using it, I already see positive results. The diapers are coming out cleaner, and are becoming softer. I just thought that over time mf inserts became somewhat stiff. But apparently I had build up- even though there were no suds in my final rinse cycle when using RG.

I'm glad I tried it. I think I will continue to use it from now on. Smile

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Glad you found something that works for you. Smile

I used All F&C liquid for awhile without issues, but now use Crunchy Clean and really like it. I hate that I'll have to examine my washing methods when I move later this fall/winter!

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I'm glad Charlies works for you! I tried so hard to get it to work but it was no match for our hard water. Charlies is so simple and so much cheaper than Rockin Green!

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I've actually wanted to use Charlies but my landlord was using my washing machine so it didn't seem like a good idea. I think he's stopped so perhaps I'll have to try it- though I'm pretty happy with Rockin' Green but it's good to know that you feel that they're cleaner and softer with charlies!

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I've used Crunchy Clean and Rockin' Green. I mostly use Rockin Green now, since I can get it from my local CD store and I like supporting a local business. With my water, the Rockin' green seems to work best.

I'm glad to hear you found something that works well for you! I'll have to keep Charlies soap in mind if I ever need to switch.

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I have always used All Free & Clear since I started cding my 1st baby, with no issues.

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I use Country Save. It is what my local CD store recomends. I'm pretty sure it works great, but I've never tried anything else. I do include an extra wash cycle with Dawn dish soap as well usually. I've read that it is a good idea since we have our water temp set pretty low (helps to kill bacteria that would normally be killed by hotter water).

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I'm so glad Charlie's is working for you! We tried it about a year ago, but it gave my son a wicked diaper rash. He has super sensitive skin though, so I don't think those results are typical. I was so bummed to have to give away almost a full bag of Charlie's! I stick to my homemade detergent, since it's about the only stuff that doesn't cause a break out for my oldest.