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Hello ladies! I keep on learning about cloth and I LOVE it! We are 100% during the day. I do still use a disposable at night time, but hope to transition there too soon. I have recently started making my own detergent using borax, washing powder, baking soda and ivory soap. Is this safe for cloth diapers? Some things I've found say yes, others say no? So I thought I'd ask the experts! Wink

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I think it really depends on your water and if you have hard water why it's hard. I think that's why you see so many different cloth detergent recommendations because water quality is not equal across the board.

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Well we just installed a water softener a few days ago.....

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I think if you're not getting build-up or repelling issues, then you can keep using it. Like Jackie said, water and washers seem to make a big difference in the success of a detergent for CD's.

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I totally agree with the ladies on this. If you ask 10 different people what detergent works for them, it seems like you get 10 different answers. I say try it and see if it works. If it does, then great! If not, then you will be able to find some other recipes if you are really wanting to make your own.