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Hi All-

I am expecting my 2nd little boy in September, and after he grows out of newborn disposables, we will be cd'ing full time. With DS1 I was a slacker cd'er, and never built up enough of a stash to use them full time. I have the BG AIOs and really like them, so that's what we will be using this time as well.

My question for all of the more experienced cd mamas is this: what detergent do you use? Do you pre-treat or use a pre-wash? I used the BG detergent last time, but wasn't super happy with it.

Here is what I am thinking, but please, please tell me if I am missing something here!

1. During the diaper change, before throwing the diaper into the pail, spray each diaper with Bac-Out

2. Use Thirsties Pre-wash in the laundry

3. Use Thirsties Super wash as the main detergent

Does anyone have experience with Bac Out or Thirsties? I like that they are both enzyme-based products, but am hoping I can get some feedback from you. Should I be looking at a different detergent altogether?


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I have never done any spraying or prewashing--I just shake off poop (now that it's solid) and put everything in a step trashcan with a wetbag liner in it. Then on wash day (every 3 days) I do a cold quick rinse and then put in detergent and do a hot wash with an extra rinse. Haven't had any trouble except when I got lazy with liners and diaper rash cream Sad

Most recently I've been using Rockin Green Hard Rock and it's fine but I'm not necessarily impressed enough to continue with it since I have to buy it online and I hate having to buy detergent online! Thinking of trying Country Save next since they sell it at a store near my house. Anyway, here's an extremely handy chart of detergents.

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Don't make your life more complicated (and pricey) than it needs to be. There's no need for pre-treating/pre-washing. I do pretty much exactly what Leigh does but we spray poop off in the toilet because we're still in the peanut-buttery BM/solid poo stage. With pre-solids diapers just put them in a wet bag and wash on wash day. It all comes right out in the wash. You can use much cheaper detergents than Rockin' Green. The list Leigh provided is fantastic. We have ridiculously hard water in Tucson so that's why I use Hard Rock. I'm sure something cheaper/easier to find will work but I still have three unopened bags and I'm not switching detergents now that I'm reached wash routine nirvana.

If you're especially concerned about smell or bacteria, products like Bac-out still aren't really necessary. You're much more likely to spread bacteria simply by messing with the diapers than if you were to just put them in the pale. The hot wash and soap takes care of the bacteria. If you're still concerned, sunning your diapers will definitely do the job. Smelly diapers coming out of the wash is almost always due to a build-up of cleaning products/rash cream. To help reduce smell pre-wash, the best thing to do (believe it or not) is to keep your diaper pale open and wash at least every three days.

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Yep, I agree with the above.

When Royrke was a NB we just threw them all in the pail. Now that he is on solids we do have to rinse most of his BM dupes but that's just with the sprayer in the toilet.

We dump the wet bag liner into the washing machine with the bag on a cold soak. I put the detergent (we use Planet brand that I get from Whole Foods) in with the soak and then let them soak for a while. Then use the prewash cycle, no detergent. And a hot wash with an extra rinse. Super easy. We have never had an issue with smell or anything. In fact, his dispers smell like nothing, exactly as they should. Wink

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Pretty much ditto everyone else. When they are exclusively breastfed diapers go straight into the pail. After solids I spray them with the diaper sprayer (I do unstuff before putting them in the bag/spraying them with diapers that need unstuffing) and put them in the bag.
On wash day I do a cold wash (rinse would work but my machine doesn't have the option of a seperate rinse), hot wash with Rockin Green and OxyClean with extra cold rinse and then I also do another cold wash with a cold rinse. I've never pretreated with anything.

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I do the same as the other ladies - bf poop is water soluble so it comes out easily. If we have stains I sun my dipes. Once we start solids I use a biodegradable liner to help with the poop - whatevers left if I can't pull it off with a wipe to throw out it goes in the pail till wash day.

I use rockin green for my detergent (I srsly love this stuff too). My wash day schedule is similar to Mandi's. I have a front loader (hate the thing! lol) I do a cold wash, heavy hot/cold wash, cold rinse, then a drain & spin to get any excess water out & then dry. Doesn't take too long & it works well.

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Wow! You guys are an awesome resource!! I'm so glad I asked, because I REALLY didn't want to spend $40 on two different detergents if I didn't have to.


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Yep, keep it simple!
I do a rinse, hot wash with detergent, the regular rinse that's automatic with a hot wash, and then an extra rinse. All rinses are cold water with my washer. I was using All Free and Clear liquid up until a couple of weeks ago. After 3.5 months of usage I finally had to strip the diapers (truthfully it was just the fitteds and microfiber inserts that had a slight buildup, everything else was perfectly fine). We have really hard water here, so I'm giving Crunchy Clean a try right now. So far so good! Aiden is finally eating enough solids to affect his poop. I just dunk and swish in the toilet quickly and throw it in a diaper pail with a Planet wise liner. Smile

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I agree with all the PP's! I think you are better off just keeping it simple not only to save money, but to save your diapers. My thinking (and this may be incorrect) is that the less stuff you put on you diapers the better. If you can get by with just rinsing and then one wash detergent then your diapers will be better off. Especially if you are using natural fibers which may show wear sooner than synthetic. You could always keep some Bac Out for tough stains but I wouldn't use it on a regular basis.

I also wanted to say how great sunning works. It's great for stains and even smell. I had some inserts come out smelling a little off (not stinky... musty?) and after sunning them they had no smell at all.