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Detergents XP on BB

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I know I've seen this posted somewhere, but now I can't find it. If you ladies don't mind giving me a hand with recommendations. DS2 is due in August and I've already started collecting the diapers and finally have somewhere to put them, now I need to wash them! We currently use ALL free and clear for all of our laundry, but I wasn't sure if it's OK to use for CDs. I thought I read that it was, as well as the original Tide, but I'm not sure where I saw that. DH would like to continue to use ALL since that's what we already purchase and get it for a pretty good price.

I know there are lots of ones specifically for CDs, but they all seem so expensive or I'd have to order online and have them shipped. I will do it if neccesary, but like I said, if I can use All that would be awesome.

What do you ladies recomend? If All really is a big no-no, what ones do you like and why. Pros and Cons?

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All Free & Clear is fine for diapers for some setups. Your water quality will have a lot to do with determining what's best for your diapers. I have wicked hard water and have been using Rockin' Green Hard Rock for about a year. I use All Free & Clear on everything else and don't use any sort of fabric softener. I tried using Charlie's soap for awhile but it was really really bad with my hard water. I'm starting to suspect that the little bit of stink I'm having is due to my Rockin' Green and I'm going to buy Crunchy Clean once this bag runs out. I've thought about just using All on the diapers but I'm just a wee bit scared. I don't mind ordering online.

ETA: The price of some CD detergents is scary but you have to take into consideration that you use like 2 Tbs. per load. A $16 bag of Rockin' Green can last months.

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I started out using Alll F&C military version (doesn't have the optical brighteners), but had build up from it despite extra rinses over a couple of months. Switched to Crunchy Clean and haven't had a single issue from it - and I've used it in a few locations in super hard water, soft water, and in between! Used Rockin Green Hard Rock briefly during a long move and I just now feel that my diapers aren't having lasting effects from it anymore. *sigh*

A bag of Crunchy Clean lasts MONTHS. Really. I've only ever bought 3 bags and this 3rd one looks full despite being used for almost 2 months. lol. We use a free and clear detergent on our clothes and CC on just the diapers. I maintain a simple washing routine with CC which I haven't been able to maintain with other detergents.

Original Tide is said to work great, but they don't actually sale that type of original Tide anymore.

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thanks for the tips - I was wondering this as well....

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I guess it depends on your preference as to which type of laundry soap to use, and maybe how hard or soft the water is and maybe washer machine type might play into it. So far I love Mountain Green it is 3x concentrated i sometimes use a bit less as well, and my diapers most always come clean. ( i only say that because it depends on who rinses out the poo and how long the diaper sat) I buy online at cottonbabies if you buy 3 or more it is $12.29, and there shipping on all laundry soap is always free. I figured out that one bottle last me 2 months and i always do one load every night. I occasionally use rockn green too.