Diaper Sprayer Preferences?

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Diaper Sprayer Preferences?

Little Man is due beginning of August (although at my last appt Dr said she didn't think I'd last until 38 weeks!!). We've got everything ready for CDing except getting the sprayer. They only one I've seen in stores is the BumGenius Brand. I've seen several on sites like Amazon but don't really know if there's one out there better than others.

Which brands do you use and why do you like it or choose it over another brand??

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We just bought a sink sprayer from home depot and attached that. If you don't have to make any weird connections (we did because we have an "older" house - 1979), its much cheaper and probably better quality.

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Well, if you BF you'll have months where you won't have to worry about spraying diapers!

And with that said I never bought one. When DS started solids it mostly plopped into the toilet (BLWing and he rather enjoyed it lol). His poop got icky recently with my BFing him while pregnant (milk changes), but I'm so used to dunking and swishing that I haven't bothered buying a sprayer!

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I BF'd until pretty recently, so like the others said, I didn't really need a diaper sprayer until we started feeding my daughter solids a few weeks ago. I bought this one on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Generic-Cloth-Diaper-Sprayer-white/dp/B002BS1NPK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1341103925&sr=8-1&keywords=diaper+sprayer

I'll admit, I mainly chose it because it was cheap compared to others and it got pretty good reviews. It's no frills, but it was a cinch to install (took me about 10 minutes) and it's working great so far.

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In our old house, our toilet didn't have the regular hook ups so DH put a generic sprayer in with the sink similar to what Erin did. It worked fine. When we moved we got a Bum Genius sprayer off Amazon as we weren't taking the other one with us and the only real difference that I like about it more then the generic one is that the spray isn't as forceful so it's easier to control.

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We BF so we didn't need a sprayer until DD started solids. We tried the spatula method for a month or two after she started solids but it was terrible. We have the Motherease diaper sprayer and love it! Hubby says if you're going to CD that a diaper sprayer is the best investment.