Diapering 2?

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Diapering 2?

I've kinda lurked this time around so hope no one minds if I pop in with a question.

Baby #3 will be here when DS2 is 18 months old so I know I will have 2 in cloth for at least a year. I have a ton of diapers but wonder if my stash can get us through with 2 LO as is or if I need to add some items. Here is what we've got in a nutshell:

Smaller Stuff
2 dozen newborn/small prefolds
Various NB & small covers
6 small fuzzi bunz
3 small fitted kissaluves

Stuff to go either way
3 Flip covers with 15 inserts
1 Trend Lab cover with 5 inserts
5 OS Fuzzi Bunz
6 OS Bum Genius

Larger Stuff
3 med. Fuzzi Bunz
1 Large Fuzzi Bunz
4 random pockets in Large
2 dozen Large prefolds
Various Covers in med/large

So obviously new baby gets the smaller stuff and DS2 gets the bigger stuff. What about the either way stuff that is mostly OS and adjustable? Is it really realistic to adjust that stuff all the time or do I devote certain ones to each kiddo? Maybe my (then) 18 month old would do better in mostly the pockets since its harder to change an active toddler and a NB will sit still for most anything. Am I good you think or do I need to add something? I'm a bargin hunter so I'm gonna start looking for things I need now. If you've diapered 2 how did you work it with your stash?

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I haven't ever diapered 2, but I would say you're good. After a few short months the new baby will outgrow the smalls and I would sell that off to fund some more OS diapers since you're going to get plenty of use out of those and can use them on either kiddo. But to start with, I'd say you're good.

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I think you probably have enough, too. Until we potty trained my older son we cloth diapered two. I found it easier to keep their diapers separate - even the ones I could adjust to fit either, but did occasionally just adjust the diaper and put it on whichever kid needed it. Smile I also found myself washing the diapers a little more frequently with two (I think I worried that the cloth diaper smell would be overwhelming in the house for visitors), so I didn't run out nearly as often as I did with one. I loved knowing how much more money I was saving by cloth diapering both of my boys!!

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I have about 40 diapers for my twins and I'm in the process of adding about 2 doz more so that I can to laundry every 2-3 days instead of 1-2. They are back to going through about 10 diapers a day. As they have gotten older they are becoming heavy wetters.

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I just designated some of our OS for each kid and adjusted them for the other if I had to but kept them separate.

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You have enough, depending on how often you do wash- you have more than enough. My LO's are 14 months apart and I had at my peak, probably 20 CD's. I did wash every day, or every other day but never had an issue

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I did two (newborn and20 months) . The number of diapers used will be different for each child. Even though you have "enough" I would get an extra days worth for newborn/small because laundry will change, and you may not be able to wash as is now. Plus, I don't know how big your older child is, but my one sized diapers quit fitting right about a month after the younger moved in, so we had to get a few larger ones for him. So, in the medium to large range, i'd up just a few knowing you will probably be getting larger soon. Plus, you don't know if/when your older will pt. My older one didn't want to be like the baby, so after a few months, we were down to maybe 2diapers a day, and night time.