Disposable liners?

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Disposable liners?

So I had posted here a few months ago bout wanted to start CD'ing with my new baby due in July. DH is still VERY VERY VERY against this - even if I offer to only buy a few at first to see if we like it and pomise thaty he can still use disposable and only I will use the Cloth - he just thinks its too gross to put poop diapers in our washing machine - even after i explain I will wash the diapers seperate from our clothing. He thinks it will ruin our washer!

Anyway - today as I was doing some more research, I discovered these disposable liners. I don't think they absorb pee, just make it easier to clean poop... am I correct? Does anyone use these? I feel like it kind of defets the purpose if I am still buying something disposable each month, but if it is the only way DH will agree to try it I think it might be worth it. Any thoughts? I read spme good reviews about the BUMMIS brand... anyone like or dislike these?

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Here's the thing, usually when I hear that DH's are SO against CDing, they're not going to be changing diapers anyway. Realistically, will he even be touching them? Try what my friend did, tell him that *most* men are incompetent CD changers and that only the best *real* men can do it. He took it as a challenge and soon became CD changer extraordinaire. Wink There's nothing to fear with poop in your washer. I'm assuming your DS had a blow out or two at some point, so poop has been in your washer before. The really excellent thing about CDing is that they rarely have blow outs. So, they're actually much cleaner because you don't get poop on all the other things in the house that aren't getting washed multiple times per week and as easy to wash as pushing a button.

To answer your question though, liners aren't meant to keep poop completely out of your washer. They do not absorb pee. They'll be mostly pointless with a NB, especially if you BF because the poo is so liquidy and its completely washer safe. They're most helpful once their poop starts to firm up a bit. Then you can just toss the poop rather than spraying or dunking the diaper. I found liners to be a huge pain and more of a hassle then they were worth because my DD refused most solid food up until just recently so I've just always used a sprayer. As for brands, there is a little variation but most are basically the same thing. I've even heard of using dried disposable wipes as liners (talk about cheap!). I don't see them as the best solution if your DH is poo phobic. I say either work on getting him to come around, accept that he'll never change a CD, or find a compromise. There are cloth/disposable hybrids. GroVia makes disposable inserts that you can stick into any cloth cover. They work exactly like a disposable. I've used them while traveling and they're awesome. You don't get all the other benefits of CDing (less expense, less diaper rash, etc.) but at least there's slightly less waste, there will be fewer poo-escapes because of the better protection provided by the cover, and baby's bum will be cuter ;).

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Agreed--baby poop is liquid, so there's no point to liners until they're on solid food. At that point, I did really like them, because unlike Erin my DD took to food like crazy and being able to just dump the liner out into the toilet once the poop was more solid was really nice. For us, a sprayer would have just been messy. Yes they're still disposable but they aren't full of chemicals like a disposable diaper and do decompose, etc. and when she didn't poop in them, I just let them go through the wash and reused them (some brands work better than others for this). Speaking of brand, I liked the Bummis ones. DO NOT get the Kushies kind, or ImseVimse...they're really stiff and scratchy, and just don't seem like something you'd want in your softest places! As Erin mentioned, you can also just let a box of wipes dry out--MUCH cheaper, and honestly exactly the same thing.

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My friend used those liners and they were a waste. She said all it did was shred in her daughters diaper (although she was crawling, not a newborn).

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I have used the liners for quite some time and they work great - my only complaint is that they are kind of pricey (like 10 cents a piece anywhere I can find them in my city in Victoria). I use them with pocket diapers with no problems. In fact I have also found that some of the ones that accidentally make it into the laundry bag with the cloth diapers come out very intact - so could likely be re-used (just need to be folded flat to be non-wrinkled). So perhaps I might try and make them go farther by starting to wash the pee-ones and flush only the poop ones. (I started out intending to use them only around poop-time but it very quickly turned into every diaper getting a fresh liner).