Do covers need to be prepped?

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Do covers need to be prepped?

I just got my first order of cloth dipes in the mail and I am SOOO excited.

I am prepping the cloth diapers, doublers and the fitted diaper now (as suggested in the material I got it said 1 COLD wash w/ a little detergent, dry, then 3 hot washes w/ enough deteregent - drying in between washes) is this right? Any other suggestions on this?

I am also pre washjing my 2 bum genius one size pocket dipes (it said 1 cold wash then tuble dry)

But do I need to pre- wash the covers? I had 2 thirsties, a flip and a bummis wisper...

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I would pre-wash but don't go crazy. Just like how you would wash clothes you buy before using them (if you do that .... ).

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Covers just need a simple wash just like anything new. Doesn't nee any prepping.
Microfiber just needs the one wash.
Natural fibers (bamboo, cotton, hemp) are the ones that need true prepping with multiple washings.