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I finally have my boys in cloth during the day again! I post this here because I know you'll all understand that feeling! Smile
I just really got out of our old routine after DS2 was born and would only use one or two cloth diapers a day (stinks when you are only washing 6 diapers!) but I finally got a good routine going again.
I'm glad to be back to it Smile I really hate buying sposies and buying them for 2 is even more frustrating knowing it's money down the drain!

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Woo hoo! Biggrin

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Way to go!

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OMG Mandi I did not know you had a 4th!!! Congrats Smile All our kids are so close in age still.

DD1- July 2004
DD2- April 2006
DS1- December 2009
DS2- August 2011

DS1- Aug 2004
DD- July 2006
DS2- Nov 2008
DS3- July 2011