Folding flats?

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Folding flats?

If you use flats how do you fold them? I have 2dz coming in the mail to use between of sizes I have. Also I can use snappi with as well right?

Andrews a chunky monkey so he's outgrowing the PF width wise. I can use the snappi on it and the brown edge GMD of I have are too big.

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Yep, you can use snappis on flats. There are some great videos on youtube that I'm too lazy to search for right now. Mine was a super chunk too. She's been in brown edge PFs since she was 3 months old. They were so dang long for awhile. I used to turn them so they were perpendicular and that helped.

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There are several ways to fold flats. 95% of the time I do origami fold because it puts a lot of layers right where I want them. I do recommend rolling the side like the newspaper fold with prefolds so that it's trim around the thighs and it helps create a wall for poop. I usually fold all my flats after they've been washed so I don't have to fold each diaper change.
And yes, I always use a snappi. I'm a pin failure, though funny enough my husband can use pins. Lol

With prefolds that are too long, try what I did with my son for the longest. I folded the prefold down in the back, then did the angel wing fold where I did similarly to this lady with folding in front. Though I usually folded in out rather than in because for some reason it works better for me. Yeah, a bit more bulk, but it worked for us starting at 15 pounds.
You can kinda see it here in this picture:

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