frustrated with a diaper company

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frustrated with a diaper company

I'm just venting, there's nothing really to do about this.

I ordered a BG Elemental diaper on Black Friday from a well-known cloth diaper shop (to remain nameless), one I had ordered with lots of times before.

I thought the price was good, and then shipping as $6.45 (for ONE diaper). I continued with my transaction because I thought the price was low enough to make up for it.

Turns out I should have done my research better. The sale price of $22 was good, but not as good as the $19.22 I found someplace else that had FREE shipping. $28.49 vs $19.22 is a HUGE difference.

So one hour after I placed my original order I tried to cancel it. They wouldn't. They said that they were too busy on Black Friday to cancel any orders and I should have known about it before. I'm mad it wasn't in my transaction notes. I'm mad that I bought first and comparision shopped later.

So now I have a sour taste in my mouth about this diapering shop, and about the diaper I'm about to get.

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Ugh, that is really frustrating. I understand that Black Friday is busy, but that is still really subpar customer service. You can't just change your cancellation policy at will! Or, I guess you can, but it's bad business.