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Thread: HE Washer tips please!

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    Default HE Washer tips please!

    A couple of weeks ago we went to my MILs house for the weekend. I rinsed the poopy diapers in the toilet and got off as much as I could, but when I washed them they still seemed dirty. Not stained, but actually dirty. Luckily we were only there for 2 nights so it wasn't really an issue. She has a HE washer and I think that was the problem (that and not having my handy diaper sprayer that I use at home).

    Now I'm heading to my grandma's for a week and she also has a HE washer (and no sprayer) and I really don't want this to happen again.

    Does anyone have any tips to get them to come completely clean in a HE washer? DS2 is half formula and half BM (hence the need to rinse them first) and I use Rockin' Green detergent is that makes a difference.

    Thank in advance!
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    I know lots of people have no issues with HE's (just maybe adding an extra rinse or tricking it to add more water), but Anna on here has an HE that she just can't get working well with her pockets. She's not having issues with prefolds as far as I know (I'm sure she'll chime in on here as soon as her kids give her a break lol). I suggest maybe doing a wash without deterrent first as your rinse, then wash, then maybe another cycle of rinsing. I don't have an HE, but this is what I've done before when moving (military and the temp lodging facilities everywhere seem to have HEs). I do make sure to use less detergent (my regular stuff is HE fine). And then I do a nice heavy wash and rise when I get my washer back (or to a normal washer). I wouldn't go too crazy trying to figure it out since it's just temp for you. RnG hard rock did make my diapers very dingy looking when I used it last winter in hard water. If there's not physical poop in the diaper, just looking dingy it might be difference in the water type there. Once again, wouldn't freak out about that since it should improve quickly for you. AFter 2.5 months I had to do a bit more work (strip them and then did an oxyclean soak and lots of sunning).

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    I make sure I do a rinse before the wash so that the diapers are soaked in water already. I also rinse the poopy diaper in the tub tap with cold water to get the rest of the poop off, I even use my hand to rub it off if I need to. In the past 2 weeks I have cloth diapered I have never had an issue and the diapers are actually cleaner then they were when I got them. You really do have to trick the washer into adding more water into the wash load, that is why I do the rinse cycle before the wash cycle. Some people add a wet towel as well but I have found the rinse cycle before hand works rather well for me.
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    I really think that it depends on the HE washer, since lots of people have them and no issues with this. I've had nothing but problems with my HE and my diapers. I have a baby that is EBF and I have to pretty much hand wash his poopy diapers before I wash them in the washer or the stuff will just not come off, especially around the elastic. I also have no hot water to my washer, so that is likely a contributing factor.

    My HE has a 'Soak' setting on it. I use that and then I do a regular wash cycle with detergent and then I do another full wash cycle without detergent as my rinse. I also have a setting on mine that is for 'heavily soiled' and that makes it do an extra rinse at the end of each wash cycle, I use that with each diaper cycle. After that I check them visually and smell them to see if I feel like they need another go. I hope you don't have any issues while at your grandma's.
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    UGH. I have NOTHING but problems with my HE. I was having an ammonia issue (pps on here say that's the detergent not rinsing out) so I switched from Nellie's to Soap Berries and then I had a "dirty" smell (poop been sitting too long kind). I'm just going to start visiting my mom 2x a week and washing them in her regular washer. I wish it were warmer weather so I could sun & dry them on her line. She just moved closer to me and the house has a line out back that I'm very jealous of.
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