Hello Ladies!

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Hello Ladies!

I am expecting my second LO, ten years after my first! I have registered for Gdiapers, but I was wondering..how do you cloth diaper veterans feel about them??

Also, MOST IMPORTANTLY, Please tell me how I can defend my choice of cloth diapering to my family. I have averaged the cost of Gdiapers and disposables and it is about the same. I have showed my mother videos about disposables on the planet, etc but she keeps going back to the money aspect. Please helP!

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I have never used GDiapers so I can't comment on them, but using a completely reusable cloth diaper (so nothing that is thrown away) can easily save tons of money. Especially if you use cloth wipes that you launder with your diapers!
I don't get into arguments with my family about this. I just told them that it was our decision and what we were doing, end of story. When we visit we just have cloth with us and they've managed through just fine (I save velcro diapers for then lol). They think I'm a bit nutty but they've shut up after awhile. Wink

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I never tried Gdiapers either, but I did look into them before I even got pregnant and the idea of spending all the extra money and still having to throw part of it away didn't appeal to me.

I have been very blessed to have supportive family when it comes to cloth diapering. My mom cloth diapered me and she always comments that she wishes they had made them then the way they do now! Here is a link to the cost breakdown...scroll down to post #8. http://www.pregnancy.org/bulletinboards/showthread.php/329872-****LOOK!-New-to-Cloth-START-HERE!!-FAQ-list*** This list is pretty extensive and it cold be confusing if you aren't really familiar with cloth diapers. Basically, you can cloth diaper your baby from birth to potty training for the cost of using disposables for 5 months. The up-front cost with cloth can be intimidating, but in the long run it's so much cheaper than disposables....and there are inexpensive ways to start out with cloth too.

I can count on one had the number of times that someone other than my DH or myself has diapered my baby, so what other people think really doesn't matter to me. But, to be honest, people ask me about them (and are impressed) ALL the time. Whenever I find myself changing her diaper in public, ladies will stop and ask me what kind of diaper it is and where do I get them? Is your mom going to be caring for your baby on a daily basis? If not, I wouldn't worry too much. She'll get over it. Wink

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I don't feel you need to defend your choice to cloth diaper to ANYONE. It's no one's business. You're the one buying the diapers, changing the diapers and washing the diapers...oh, and it's your child! Kudos to you for wanting to keep so much waste out of landfill!

That being said, my mom and MIL both support our decision. They both cloth diapered although things are much fancier now. My mom even brags to her friends that we cloth diaper. LOL.

I came across this site on Pinterest recently: Price Check: Are cloth diapers worth it?

I loved this graphic:

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I've never used Gdiapers. My advice is just to bite the bullet and go full cloth. You're going to have to wash the covers so why not just go full steam?

Why would you have to justify any parenting choice to your family? I'd tell them to buzz off. But I'm rude like that Wink

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We used g-diapers starting at age 7 weeks with DS (now aged 2). I liked them but didn't love them. They go on backwards compared to other diapers. Oh - and I used them with g-cloth inserts so nothing to throw away (I didn't want to still be throwing a disposable insert away - seemed to defeat the purpose and not all that cheap).
I bought my g's used locally. I used size small in the beginning and kept those for baby #2 (due in 3 weeks). I also bought mediums used (much easier to find available for sale) but I did end up selling them once I tried a handful of other styles/brands to free up some of the money I had invested.
We use cloth most days (DH uses disposables anytime he is on childcare duties). We also use disposables at night (DS was a nightmare sleeper so we had to rule out any potential causes of the sleep problems).
We also bought a bunch of small wash cloths that we use exclusively for bum wiping. So I have the cloths and the diapers in the bathroom and we have a double sink and a wet bag - everything is in the bathroom and gets chucked in the same bag for laundry!

As for cost and other people's opinions - I am not surprised that DH never got on board with the CD'ing (although it is soooooo easy). But I was surprised that my parents aways reach for the disposables instead of the cloth. But oh well - for the number of diapers other people change it is insignificant.

I plan to sell my CD's once baby #2 is out of them so I hope to recoup much of my cost. (Where I splurged was buying eco-disposables - so I likely have not saved much money in the end).

Also - I did a lot of research in my area re: the ability to compost the compostable inserts and/or diapers because that is listed as a feature of so many diapers and inserts and, despite living in a very recycling friend community, composting diapers is something you have to do on your own and that was not something we were willing to take on (we have a 3 year old dog who would have loved digging up the diapers!!! And you have to keep the diapers away from any soil you intend to grow food in - it just seemed like too much).