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Cloth Diaper Mommas- I have super stinky diapers. Ammonia build up is bad. I need some advice about stripping. I have very hard water and have a stupid HE front loader that does not have many settings. I use Rockin Green Hard Water Formula, but I just don't think my washer uses enough water. I think that is what the issue is. But I don't know what I can do about that besides getting a new washer that has an extra water setting or something. I even do a rinse before to get them wet first. I don't know what to do. They all stink (I use prefolds with covers as well) and the pockets are now repelling as well. I'm a little frustrated. Please help!

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For stripping, I've had good luck with Dawn.

As for the water issue, the ladies on here seem to have a few good tips for tricking the machine into using extra water. If you have a heavy soil option on your washer, use that. I've also heard of ladies putting a sopping wet towel in the wash with them. Good luck, the diaper stinkies are no fun.

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EEK. Sorry I'm just seeing this. Some people do have an awful time with RnG HR. I did in the past. If it's ammonia chances are it's what you think and there's detergent build up. You can do lots of hot washes or even boil anything without snaps and velcro (so prefolds and pocket inserts). Maybe see about bribing/visiting a friend or family member and borrowing their top loader for tons of hot washes to strip? Dawn is more for getting stuff off the diaper that's keeping it from absorbing well.
It could be the combination of water and the detergent. I've been using Crunchy Clean which is HE safe. It's the only stuff that's worked for me no matter where I've traveled or lived (which has been a few places lol). I know some HE washers can be easily tricked while others can't. I don't own an HE, so I'm not much help. I always ended up doing an extra full cycle but without detergent at the end of my routine when traveling (the air force temp lodging facilities where we stay when moving all have HEs).

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I had the same issue a couple months ago. I have prefolds and I just boiled them but my covers, which also had stink issues, I just cranked my hot water heater up and did a couple hot load cycles. Every few cycles I use 1/2 cup vinegar in my first rinse cycle as well. I also have front loader machine and hard water when my water softener runs out of salt. I just use the Rockin Green classic rock. When I have hard water I use more of it. I also had soap build up on my prefolds that the boil and hard water washes took right out. Every time I wash my diapers I get a flash light and look at what the water looks like in the extra rinse cycles I do at the end if it has soap bubbles still I keep rinsing until I don't anymore. Oh I also started rinsing my diapers, all of them even just the wet ones, before putting them in the diaper pail. That has helped enormously with the smell.

Here is a shortened version I just told you of my normal wash routine. lol
*Rinse all diapers and place in pail
*Rinse cold water (add vinegar if using it to strip)
*Hot wash (water heater cranked up)
*Cold rinse (as many as it takes)

I highly suggest trying to boil the prefolds, the covers you just wash in a normal cycle without soap a few times. It worked well for me. Hope this helps you! I know how frustrating stink can be.