Here's Alex...

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Here's Alex...

... in his cloth. 5 weeks and 3 days here in his sister's very pink owl bed sporting his owls. Smile This is a WAHM dipe and when she is ready to open her store, I'm going to share the link with you ladies-- right now, we are testing her dipes for her. Smile

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How adorable! Smile

Thanks for sharing such a cute fluff picture. :mrgreen:

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So cute! Love all the owls!

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Oh my cute!!

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(we have that pillow too ;))

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Sooo dang cute! Congrats mama, he is beautiful! This picture makes my ovaries ache.

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How cute is that?! What is it about owls that is so cute? Did the girl make the shirt too or just design the dipe to match it? He is so super-cute!!!

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Nope, I got the shirt at BRU the other day, it's PJs but who can cover up the matching bottom? Smile
amy329, we both Alexanders and Elizabeth's. Smile My daughter is Zoey Jane Elizabeth.

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He's adorable and so is that diaper- I love when I'm able to find matching clothes from other places- it just works out so nicely!

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I love all of the owls! He is such a cutie. TFS. Biggrin