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Thread: How long did it take you to get your wash routine down?

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    All the diapers we are using right now are new- the 4 BG AIOs that were received as replacements for the ones that had holes in them, and 2 sets of FLIP day packs. All less than a month old-- and when I say that and think about it, they haven't even been in use for a full two weeks!- so I wouldn't think they would need stripping yet!

    Unfortunately, we're out of the States now, and I can't buy any more of anything new- so no Thirsties pre-wash either. Oh well. I'll just keep chugging along and see what I can figure out- mostly just extra rinses I guess!
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    Ugh, that really stinks! No pun intended!

    I don't really have any other suggestions but maybe a wet bucket could help? Also, is there something about the water in Laos that could be affecting things? I really wish I could offer help because it a hard spot to be in, especially with a sensitive nose.

    Good luck! And I really hope you can figure it out quickly and easily.
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    I forget.


    Quote Originally Posted by Marite13 View Post
    I don't have the option of buying more diapers right now- but we are mostly using FLIP stay-dry inserts and covers... so they are not a whole lot of material.
    T-shirt diapers! (found a non video website too!)
    And apparently people have had good luck with flour sack material being used as flat diapers.

    Will take less washing cycles. In fact there are people on another forum site that hand wash all their diapers. Pretty much anything cotton can be used. And the flip covers should work great!

    I'm really tempted to pull old t-shirts that my husband doesn't need to be wearing anyways and try them out as diapers.
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    If you feel like you need to do more rinses, maybe you need less soap?
    Is the water there soft or hard, b/c that can make a huge difference too.
    Vinegar is supposed to help with smell so you can add 1/4 c to the rinse cycle and see if that helps.
    My diapers always have a faint "smell" to them but it's not strong it just smells like diapers, lol! But it's just this natural type smell, I don't know how to describe it.

    A spreadsheet might be in order, lol!
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