How long in prefolds?

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How long in prefolds?

How long did your little one stay in prefolds and covers?

I am planning to use these solely, until 8 weeks (day care). Then I will use Pockets and AIOs at day care and prefolds at night. I am working on registry and want to plan a little ahead. Any advice would be welcome.

Erin- Will I need to put covers that are bigger, than the ones that you are letting me borrow? I know you said a few more size 1, but after 3-4 months (still using prefolds at night) how many mediums or size 2 should I put on the registry?

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We use pockets a lot but Teagan is still in prefolds occasionally. She's been in brown edge prefolds since she hit 3.5 months. You'll be pretty much fine as far as covers go (except maybe a few more size 1 & smalls like I said) until she gets to the red-edge prefolds (size M). That could be anywhere between 12 weeks and 6 months. For red edge & brown edge, you'll need size 2 thirsties or any OS cover. With any luck, Teagan will be PT'd by the time your little lady needs brown edge and then you'll get hers!

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My LO is 8 weeks and I am working on moving exclusively to pockets. I still use the prefolds in a pinch, but the thing I don't like about them is that once wet, they are wet against baby's skin until she is changed. I hadn't thought about that before I started using them. The pockets at least pull some of the moisture away from her skin. FWIW, I have 3 size small Thirsties covers and 4 OS covers and that has worked for me.

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I used Bummis infant prefolds, and we used them EASILY until 6 mos. I think we could have gone to 7 or 8. We used prefolds during the day and BG AIOs at night (with an extra insert). We used mostly Thirsties covers- I had some sized ones, and some of the newer duo ones... I think we only ever used the smalls/size 1s- never got into the second/bigger sizes. I guess some of our Bummis covers might have been mediums, but we never liked them as much as the Thirsties ones.