How many covers?

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How many covers?

I'm going to be starting with a diaper service this week. How many covers do you think I need for each baby? We do laundry daily usually but lets say every two days to be safe.

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I had four covers and washed every 3rd day.

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I have been using three covers and would say that is a minimum, I wish I had 4-5...mostly because I have major prefold fail days where they leak a lot. Also when we get to be between sizes in the prefold we then to have more last night.

I also use a much are you paying for one baby? Do you get a twin discount?

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I would also say 4 for each at the minimum.

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I have 3 and find myself constantly wishing I had one more so I'd also say 4 is a good minimum. We are going to have a bunch of our December babies in Cloth now, how fun!

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I agree, 4 minimum! Smile