How many swim diapers...

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How many swim diapers...

Now that I've done the cloth diapering for a year, ready to try out swim diapers! Going on a week long trip and will likely be swimming at least once or twice a day. Any BTDT tips on how many reuseable diapers should I buy to take with us? We will have our own W/D in the condo if that makes a difference. I already purchased one Iplay diaper with side snaps - do they work well (should I get more of same) or any other recommendations? I plan to have DS wear the diaper under his swimsuit. Thanks in advance.

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I've usually been fine with just two. One to wear and a backup in case the first is used. They're easy to clean and wash so that they're ready for the next day!

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I'd say 2 if you will swim just in the morning or afternoon. If you plan on swimming in the morning, going back for lunch and then swimming in the afternoon I'd have 3 or 4. It also depends on whether your LO is likely to poop at weird times! LOL!

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Thanks for your replies! Glad to hear I will only need two as I want to pack light.

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I realize I am coming in very late on this, but I always just use a pocket diaper without the insert. Smile