How often do you wash with 2?

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How often do you wash with 2?

I've never had 2 in cloth full time. When DD2 was a baby we used sposies and by the time I had DS DD2 was only in cloth at night, so 1 extra diaper a day. This time around DS is still in cloth full time (except at night but *hopefully* we'll figure out his rash issue at night once and for all soon, I'm thinking of trying baby powder?) and the new baby will be as well after the first week or two. So, will I need to wash every day or do two loads every two days? I know your washer can be 'too full' but I've never actually dealt with that myself. How many diapers can you fit in one load?

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I'm not diapering two but I can tell you that I probably "overload" my washer on a regular basis because I have enough diapers to wash just about every 4th day. I could probably even go 5-6 days I have so many but the wet bags start to stink by then and I think my washer might get mad at me. I have an old school top loader and I just put it on a longer wash cycle if I think the load is *extra* large. I haven't had any issues doing it yet.

How frequently do you wash now? Will they be sharing OS diapers? If you have enough diapers you should be able to wash every 2-3 days.

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At first every 1-1.5 days just b/c of the size of my nb stash. Once she was bigger and fit more of her stash I was fine with every 2-3 days but I have a large he washer.

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I washed every 2 days. Partly because that was a lot of diapers, and partly because we only had 2 sets of nightime diapers that I knew wouldn't leak!

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I do diaper laundry every other day. Mostly because that's all my wet bags will hold. It fills up my washer, but I wouldn't say it's over loaded. I do have enough diapers to get me through about 3 1/2 days though. This way if I get busy on diaper day I don't have to stuff as I go. I can wait until they are asleep at night and stuff them then.

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I wash about every 3 days right now. DS is still in sposies at night but once things normalize a bit I'm hoping to try nighttime again, I want to pick up some baby powder to see if it helps our nighttime issues.
They will both share one size diapers but I do have a full newborn stash (12 newborn prefolds, 14/15 newborn fitteds, and a few pockets....I'm not a prefold fan so those will mainly be for if I run out of the rest...oh and I have plenty of covers). Right now my one size stash is still under 30 diapers but since I have a while before baby outgrows the newborns (and I do have a dozen prefolds in every size, along with covers and some size 1 fitteds....just in case) I'm hoping once I know I like the Sunbabies that between those and some Smartipants I'll finish off my one size stash so there are plenty for the two...but I don't want to buy more diapers than I can fit in my washer and I will need 3 more nighttime diapers in all likelihood assuming I can work out a way where ds doesn't get a rash from cloth at night. I have a HE frontloader, it's not too big, definitely not toploader capacity (though I'm really hoping we can get a new one fairly soon, we are going to have a family of 6 now! The only thing is the washer is only 6 years old and dh's dad knows how to fix everything....blessing and a curse Lol ) Speaking of wetbags I still need another one of those....

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I would probably every 2-3 days instead of 3-4 days - mostly b/c the pail would be too full anyway (just a 13 gallon trash can) and b/c of the amount of newborn diapers. however, the fact that I was using prefolds and not pockets in the beginning made for less volume b/c I wasn't dirtying a cover every time. But my toddler was only using 4 dipes a day b/c I used sposies for him at night.