I fluffly heart hemp!

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I fluffly heart hemp!

I tried out my new hemp inserts last night and I am thoroughly pleased. I got 6 Hemp Babies from JackbeNatural. I can't believe they ship for free and so fast! I used two hemp inserts and 1 microfiber insert in her Kawaii night time diaper and they worked like a charm. I only washed them twice to prep them too! Maybe they'll become even more absorbent. They're so much trimmer with the hemp versus the 3 microfiber inserts I was using. I'm off to buy 6 more for nap time diapers!

Yay! Yahoo

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Glad you've found the hemp love! We only use them at night, but I have seriously never had a single issue with them. Like bamboo, they only get better with time. Smile

I really love JackBeNatural. I asked them about CJs all purpose cleaner on their FB page and they're going to stock some for me. Biggrin

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I have been reading so many good things about hemp. I am getting ready to order some inserts myself. Smile

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i was just coming on here to see if hemp might be a good option for night Wink