I took the plunge!

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I took the plunge!

So after months of researching...I finally placed my first cloth diaper order!

DH is very against cloth diapering (not the additional work or anything, just thinks I will ruin our washing machine washing poopy diapers! ) So I decided to just start with a few for me to use on baby during the day while DH is at work and see how it all goes and if I like ti I can always buy more...

So I ordered from Green Mountain Diapers and Amazon.

  • I got a dozen white small size prefold dipers - made by Green Mountain
  • and also one of their fitted diapers
  • a pack of 3 snappi's
  • a Flip diaper cover - hook and loop
  • A Thirsties Duo wrap - hook and Loop
  • A Thirsties Diaper cover - hook and loop
  • A Bummis Wisper Cover - Hook and Loop
  • (2) doubler inserts - workhorse? I think
  • Rocking Green detergent
  • a wet bag / pail liner

So did I forget anything major?
Is there any product you would reccommend for a newbie? I am trying to be very economical....

Is a special cloth diaper rash cream really needed at this point - espcially if I am only doing CD'ing very part time to start? I figure if a rash appears i can use the regular A&D ointment w/ a disposable diaper for now until I decide if I want to go forward with CD'ing or not...

thanks in advance for any advice...

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Congrats on taking the plunge! You're going to love it!

I'd skip the cream for now. They can be a bit pricey and it can wait. For future reference just know that even though they're pricey, they last forever if you're just doing cloth because they have far fewer rashes. One more thing you should get is cloth wipes. They are wicked awesome at wiping bottoms and double as all purpose wipes. We use them for everything. You really don't have to be fancy about it. I bought a bunch from one seller on Etsy. In addition to selling really cute wipes, she sells sets she makes from scrap. They're a tad irregularly shaped but they still do the job and she lets you specify what sort of fabric you'd prefer (ie, boy/girl/gender neutral). Her page is : http://www.etsy.com/shop/TurtlesRUs?ref=seller_info

There are different ways of dealing with cloth wipes. I used to keep a tupperware container of moist wipes on the change table and they were just fine but when the weather warmed up and DD started requiring fewer, it got stinky. So, I switched to just keeping a small spray bottle on the change table and wetting as needed. There are a ton of recipes for making wipe solution. I just use water with a tiny drop of calendula oil.

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Good plunge to make! Biggrin

Just do a good double check before washing that none of your disposables got accidentally thrown in the diaper pail. I think that's the biggest problem I've read about when using both cloth and disposables. Just use the creams you already have (A&D did great for us when DS was in disposables) and make sure it doesn't get on the cloth (save yourself a strip!). Once you're addicted :mrgreen:, a tub of cloth safe diaper cream lasts a really long time since you don't use it but when really necessary.

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Thanks for the info....
I have decided to use cloth in order to save money. DS1 only had a slight rash maybe 3 times in his time in diapers and it was when he was sick - of course, baby#2 could be totally different.... but inm general my reason for cloth is not to cut down rashes so I think Iwill skip on the creams for now...
but thanks for the info on the wipes - I will consider using them if I decide to stick w/ cloth diapers....