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insert material

I bought one liner for when we use diaper cream so it won't ruin the diapers, but obviously one is not enough. The one I have is made out of microfleece but our local stores don't carry that. Any recomendation on how to make my own with another fabric or should I order microfleece from someplace online?

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I'd just search for a super cheap microfleece blanket and cut that up. Doesn't fray, so no need to sew. Can also be used for a diaper cover (sew one or use pins to hold it) when in a pinch. lol.
Or just buy some cloth diaper safe cream. We've had great luck with CJs BUTTer.

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Yep, Jackie gave great advice!

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Agreed. Angel baby bottom balm has worked best for us. They both had TERRIBLE rashes for like the first 3 months until I tried it. I use it every night as a preventive measure since they stay in that diaper so long.

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I just cut up a old fleece robe (it dose not need to be micro to work)