Just got my first CD!

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Just got my first CD!

I ordered some Sun Baby diapers after reading lots of good comments on them and I am so excited to be washing them and getting them ready! Thanks for your honest comments about them, they helped me make a decision.

I have read a few comments that these are not good diapers for newborns because they are too big. Have you all found this to be true? Do you have any good suggestions for newborn diapers? I am kind of interested in prefolds.

Thanks for helping me get my stash started!

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How exciting! I think most one-size diapers are going to be a little big on newborns. We started using our one-size diapers at about 3 weeks.

Prefolds with xsmall thirsties covers work well for the newborn stage. A lot of people like the Kissaluv 0's with a cover for that stage, but I haven't tried them yet.

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I started with my BG's at 8lbs and they are similar. I just used disposables for the first week and a half.


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Where do you buy these Sunbaby diapers?

I have no Sunbaby diapers. I'm just using prefolds with covers and some AIOs and OS. My baby is almost 3 months old and I've just started CDing him. I'm having good luck so far with the Cotton Babies prefolds. I've been using Thirsties covers and they work well too!

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I just googled them and bought them from her website. Thanks for the ideas ladies!

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I like my OS diapers more after baby is 13lbs. I love my newborn/small diapers.