Just wanted to say...

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Just wanted to say...

That we had to put Kay in disposables for about 3 days and man oh man did she wake up smelling like pee. No leak or anything but it just smelt bad I had to change her right away. With our cloth diapers I never ever smell pee on her like I did with the disposables.

I just wanted to say that I am so glad I cloth diaper for many many reasons but now I can add just one more reason Smile

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Score another one for cloth! Smile I noticed a strong odor with disposables too. But they have major stink with cd too in the morning. I'm wondering if it's the hemp inserts.. ?

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I find DD smells in Huggies, but not in Pamper or Fisher Price.

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I had this same experience also! When DS was first born, we had some sposies and used them at nighttime for a while... but in the mornings his diapers would smell so yucky! I was surprised you could smell it so strongly!! Its interesting that you had the same experience! I'm with you and so glad that we use cloth! Smile

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I HATE that disposable pee smell!!! I agree it's one more reason to love cloth (and I'm needing those reasons, lately, with my diaper rash struggles, so thanks for the reminder Lol