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leaking help

I am having leaking issues now that Lilly is crawling, and I am not sure what to do.
I use Kawaii pocket diapers, and for some reason we are having leaking at the legs on the sides.
Mostly in the morning, and her night time diaper is always soaked but never leaks since i double stuff it.
I know they aren't repelling, but i may go ahead and do another strip but i just did one bout a month ago.
My mom thinks it is just the way Lilly crawls , because the inserts aren't fully soaked, so i don't think she is holding and then super peeing.

should i adjust the rise again? or just try to double stuff for the day? it seems to bulk when doubled up for during the day when she is active? it isn't to inconvenient just more laundry and outfit changes than usual. it happened twice today and yesterday. it hasn't happened in public yet thank goodness.

any ideas? advice?

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I'd be double checking first that it's tight enough around her legs. My husband is always so afraid of a diaper being too tight that he puts the diaper on too loose and that's when we have minor leaks. What is she dressed in? We never had an issue with onesies and cloth diapers, but I know others claim they have issues with that combination.
Stripping is a pain, so I'd try easier stuff first unless you know there's an issue with buildup or something.

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I agree with Jackie. DD leaks at daycare all the time but very rarely at home. I really think its because they don't put the diaper on tight enough. There's no other explanation for why they magically fail only at daycare.

If the inserts aren't soaked, then stuffing more in there isn't going to help. What are you currently stuffing with?

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it didn't happen today , but it happens in either a onesie or feet outfit. I think the fit is tight enough around the legs, but it could be just certain diapers i have minkie and regular. i just use the microfiber inserts that came with the diapers.