Leaks, leaks, and more leaks!!

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Leaks, leaks, and more leaks!!

Help! My DD is 23 months and the last few days has been leaking through her diapers several times a day and I'm getting really, really frustrated Sad

I don't know what is going on. I use a variety of diapers/styles. She's leaked through prefolds and covers. She's leaked through several brands of pockets. They couldn't have all worn out at the same time. I did dry them in the dryer last wash, but they shouldn't have wrecked them, right? The other thing the is different is that I switched back to Country Save soap after trying soap nuts for a while. They aren't repelling, the soakers are soaked, but it leaks right through the outer layer.

My only other idea is that she is holding her pee and then when she goes it is huge and the diaper just can't contain it. Maybe??

Has anyone else encountered this? Ideas?

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Leaking right through the cover? A PUL cover or some other fabric?

Drying them in the dryer won't destroy all your diapers over night. Unless you don't normally dry them in the dryer and you use a lot of fabric softener sheets on your clothes. The dryer would be cover in fabric softener, which could transfer to your diapers. But you said they're not repelling so that's probably not it.

I'd say your probably right in that its a pee holding thing (though why it would leak through the cover is escaping me). That happens with my DD occasionally. Are there certain times of day when it happens? You could stuff a hemp doubler in her pockets, which holds a ton and doesn't really add any bulk. Doing so was the solution to naptime & nightime leaks for us. Also, maybe she's ready to start using the potty. Have you tried offering? I'm not saying push the potty on her but give her the opportunity to experiment. My 19 month old DD will happily use the potty if I just leave it out on the floor for her.

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I think it is PUL. She's leaked through fuzzibuns, kawaiis, AMPs, apple cheeks... Seriously everything! The whole crotch area gets soaking wet and it isn't wicking because the insert is soaked too.

I didn't think it was drying them, but I'm at a loss. I use the same soap for all my laundry and don't use fabric softener at all. I guess that pretty much rules out it being a laundry routine problem.

Potty training. She loves to sit on the potty, but has never actually gone in it. I think she is starting to figure it out though and has started holding it. I suppose I've got to get on the potty training... My kids have all PT easily, but (as you all know) it takes a lot of work (and extra laundry lol) and time to spend staying around the house until she's got it down. I'm worried about her regressing after the baby is born - I'm due in 9 weeks.

But, I guess I know what my next project is... I hope that's all it is, because I don't really want to have to buy all new diapers for the newbie!

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Yeah, if shes leaking through everything and all the inserts are drenched as well, I'd guess it was a super-soaker toddler issue, not a diaper issue. I guess double stuffing or PTing are really the best options at this point.

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I can only echo what the others have said, super soaker, toddler pee, maybe from holding and going all at once. My 19 month old uses the toilet most of the day (generally a nappy for sleep, long trips and going up town only) and I have found a couple of times that after one wet it is so full anything else would make it leak, except my flat folds, they just seem to soak forever.

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It sounds like you are in the exact same boat as me. My DD leaks through everything! Today I put a pocket on her for nap time. I stuffed it with one hemp insert and one bamboo insert. She never went to sleep but stayed in her crib for a couple of hours and when I went to get her, her pants were soaked. The inserts were soaked and she had pooped a TON (her usual mushy poop that covers the inside). Her diaper was holding the max it could for poop and pee. She's leaked through her Kawaii's, no matter what they are stuffed with, she's leaked through her GroVia's, her Blissful Booty and her FB's.

I'm also having a baby in a couple months so I wanted to wait to really get serious about the potty. I don't know if I have it in me to deal with all of that right now and when the baby is born but I'm so tired of all the leaks. I'm constantly washing clothes and sheets. Who knows, maybe potty training would be less work. I feel so defeated though! I've ordered a few hemp AIO's and a couple were too small. One ended up being a fitted, which was my mistake. I am ready to wave the white flag!!!