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well I bought some leggins for Brinley because I've heard that somehow you use them w/ cloth diapers? lol how do I? do you use them w/ onsies, dresses or what? I think they look adorable on her lil chubbie legs just not real sure what to do with them! I'm really getting into the whole cloth diapering, just learning slowly. I'm trying to order some from sunshine babies just having a hard time setting up a paypal account and can't see how to just buy them w/ a debit card?! any way I guess this turned into a two part question Smile

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I don't know anything about sunshine babies, so can't help you there.

Baby leggings (like these babylegs I'm assuming?) I've found to be great for the winter months. When it's not too cold I put DS in a shirt, diaper, and babylegs only. I know a lot of girls wear them under their dresses to keep their legs warmer. When it's really cold outside I put babylegs under DS's pants as an extra layer. And it's really nice not having to remove them when it's time to change his diaper. I also found them to be super helpful with crawling at times because their knees can get dry, scratchy, rashy, etc. It takes them a couple of days to adjust to crawling with baby legs, but they pick up on it pretty fast usually.

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They're supposed to be nice because you don't have to take pants off when you change their diapers. I always have problems w/ them staying up on my skinny-legged babies though so I have a bunch but I don't use them much.

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My chubby legged girl wore baby legs just about every other day last winter. They were great until she started crawling. Its probably time to pull them out again to wear under dresses!

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My little guy used them in winter withe a long sleeved onesie. It was good because that layer could be pulled off when it got too hot to be rugged up anymore and made nappy changing easier.

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Didn't know about them till DS#1 was too old... DD's legs were too chubby for the ones I was using... now I have found a brand on etsy I love that fit Alex's massive thighs! I love them! On boys and girls! Smile Most her basic legs are 8-10$$ so I like the price. Smile

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I think you can use them however you like. I like them with just a onesie and a diaper, but also under dresses too. Or for layering when we go outside (I live in AK). Or however. I got quite a few pair at www.justsimplybaby.com and they are $4 each. I LOVE LOVE their diapers too, fyi. Smile