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Lurker...Hopefully sticking around

Hi, I just wanted to finally introduce myself. I've been lurking here since early December just checking things out. I've got 1 DS born Dec 08 that we used disposables with. DH and I were TTC for almost 2 years before finally having some luck! The new LO is due Aug 12 and I can't wait!

I don't plan on going back to work (not that 2 days a week is much) after this one, so DH and I have been considering ways to helps save a little money here and there. I've been seriously considering CD for a while and I'm about 90% sure that's what we're going to least most of the time.

I'm sure I'll be asking plenty of questions along the way if you ladies don't mind bearing with me while I figure it all out. I did print the Basic FAQs from the top to show DH, and he's starting to come around, but really concerned still because he doesn't know anyone that's ever done it, and he's not a fan of "standing out" or straying from the norm.

I'm trying to find some place around us (NW Chicago Suburbs) that might have a class or some in their store that we can go look at them and start trying to figure out what we want. Unfortunately the only stuff I've been able to find is down in the city, and I really hate having to go down there if it's not necessary. Doesn't anyone have any ideas of where I could start looking?

Hope to be around a while and get to know you better. Hope you all have a great day.

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Welcome! I've never been able to attend anything cloth related in person. I've been to one store ever that sells cloth diapers and that was while I was on a vacation. lol. I've learned by online help and trial and error. Even if you're not able to find a cloth 101 near you, it's still very possible to CD and do it well! Smile
Are there any stores near you that sell CDs? Sometimes those places will do a cloth 101 or similar every few weeks or so. The store I visited in Austin (Baby Earth) has introduction to cloth sessions and even babywearing meetings in the store.
As far as sticking out goes, most people don't realize we CD until they see us change a diaper or if they ask us what brand of diapers we use. I love to talk about CDing, but it's not like diapering is a big conversation piece with adults ya know? Wink

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Yes, I never saw anything in person either...just did ridiculous amounts of internet research, and talked on here Smile There are some great resources on the internet...Personally, I was just getting overwhelmed by the options, but I felt a lot better after reading this, which I found very clean-cut and easy to grasp:

I just wanted to agree with Jackie about the fact that what kind of diapers you use doesn't come up much....and honestly, when it does, most people, I've found, are curious in a good way, like an "I wanted to try that...tell me about it!" way, not judgmental at all. It's definitely becoming a lot more mainstream.

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Welcome, and congrats on baby #2! I'm from Michigan and was lucky enough to find two cloth stores within a few hours of my hometown (one was only 40 mins), and for me, it made ALL the difference. I was SO overwhelmed from just looking online and trying to figure things out! Not to say it can't be done, but, I guess I am a very visual AND tactile learner- so what I'm saying is, even if you do have to go to Chicago once to get your hands on some dipes before you buy, it might be worth it! It was for me!

My DH wasn't really on board either... but he's certainly gotten used to it. I suppose now that I think about it, he doesn't really like to go against the grain, and be the "different" one either (and I'm forcing him in so many ways because we co-sleep, don't use bottles or pacis, cloth diaper and babywear! Ha!), but, he really has come around. And the funny thing is- because we started off using cloth with our first, it took him a LONG time to figure out how to use sposies! I know that probably seems crazy, but, he just knew cloth, it was easy for him, and when confronted with this papery plastic thing, he couldn't tell the front from the back, how to secure it, or anything! So funny!

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My hubby had no choice in the cloth department, I told him I knew he would never change a nappy so it was my choice (I know my husband too well, in 15 months he has changed 1 nappy I think he always just hands DS to me to be changed).

I bought mine from a market stall initially so did see them a little but didn'r compare options because they were my only option, my hospital also had folding and snappi-ing cloth nappies as one of the areas they covered in ante natal classes.

Like others have said if DS is dressed no one really notices he's in cloth, but we live in a hot climate and often he gets about in a singlet and nappy, which in cloth looks much nicer if we have to duck into town. The only thing I har comment wise is how cute they are and surprise that people still use cloth (mostly from older people)