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Minky KaWaii

I got a Minky KaWaii as our free diaper from Kelly's Closet. This is the only Minky diaper in my stash. What can you ladies tell me about them? Will it need to be treated differently? It doesn't need a cover, does it?

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Nope, treat it the same as your other diapers. No cover needed!

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Ditto the PP!

I have a Blueberry Minky and while it's adorable it wicks like heck around the legs and waist. Stops me from getting anymore minky's. And too bad cause they are adorable!

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I LOVE our Kawaii minky bamboo diapers (I have 10 of them lol)! No cover needed. Just use as a regular pocket diaper. Do note that the bamboo inserts take A LOT of prepping to bring up to full absorbency. For the longest they drove me nuts and I always had to use both of the inserts. Now I just need one insert. In fact, DS is currently using these diapers at night with both bamboo inserts and 1 hemp added in with them. And this is the kid who was soaking through a mother's ease sandy's fitted with a soaker at one point! We have to watch out for heat rash, and this diaper does not give DS a rash when outside as long as there's just one bamboo insert.
And Kayla (cause I know you've paid attention to my saga with these), I solved my floppy problem by always line drying the inserts. They're stiffer, but not too stiff. Lol

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I have a few minkies that work just as well as my other dipes. They are just a bit fluffier under the clothing.

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Thanks ladies! We've used it I think 3, maybe 4 times now. No leaks yet. So, so far so good. Smile