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I think we need some hosts for this board! Anyone interested, we could email Missy.

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Excellent! Please, please if anyone is interested DO email missy! She will be thrilled! And keep in mind that it may take a few days for her to respond... but she will get back to ya!


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I think I'll put my hat in the ring. I sure do post enough!

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What exactly to do mods do? I know they are kind of the host and may pass certain info along. But do they do anything else?

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I don't really post enough here but I think it's a great idea to get some mods for this board!

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Mods kind of mediate a little if there is a problem, they encourage conversation with new threads, they create stickies....

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I'm interested! Smile

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Kayla, another thing a mod would do is if we do a swap (they have been done on this board in the past) the mods would take care of gathering all of the addresses, pairing people together, stuff like that.

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If you are interested, be sure to email Missy: [email][/email]