My awesome deal!!

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My awesome deal!!

My sister just had a baby a week ago. She had an emergency c-sec due to pre-e at 34 wks. He's still in NICU (and 4.5 lbs) and she's still in hospital with blood pressure issues.

She mentioned a while back she wanted to cloth diaper, but I was waiting to see how big the baby was before buying anything. Knowing now he's a tiny peanut, I went online to wazoodle to place an order.

Low and behold they revamped their website with all new products! Before they only had fitted (no PUL covers) but now they have a whole new selection of AIOs. And the best part! A HUGE sale. So... I got 18 AIOs (6 small, 6 med, 6 large) in a random assortment of boy colours, a bunch of those insert thingys for extra coverage/overnight (not sure what they are called), plus some stuff for me. Minus the stuff for me, I spent about $115 on all 18 diapers. This is way cheaper than anything I've seen in stores!!

Here's the score. The plan is to bring it to the hospital to her on Christmas as she likely won't be out by then.

As for the stuff I got for myself, I got a kit to sew 12 of my own diapers in the same style they sell. I got the regular kit (no PUL covers) as well as some PUL diaper cover blanks that I can sew on the outside. I also got some extra Zorb cloth and extra PUL which I am going to make a few washable/reusable doggy pee pads out of (my dog is 9 years old and having a little trouble holding it as long as he used to).

It's like Christmas! IS Christmas!

The deal was so awesome that I think I might go and buy myself a stash to add to my hope chest for when I finally get a baby. If that for some reason never works out I can always give them as gifts!

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That is a great price, especially for AIO's!!! I bet your sister will be thrilled. I would love to get diapers as a gift!

Also, I thought I had heard of just about every brand by now but that's a new one to me.

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What a great gift for your sister! Smile

Best of luck with TTC. Kayla and I both spent way too long TTC our first little ones. Wink