My Newborn/Small Baby Stash

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My Newborn/Small Baby Stash

I didn't CD DS till he was 4 months and a little over 15 lbs, so this has been fun! Still have a couple more things OTW (I need to get off of wool swaps on FB!).

Wool - newborn and small (am borrowing the nice pair of longies):

Wool - one small and two medium (all way smaller than DS is):

The rest of the pretty fluff:

First row - borrowed prowraps and Kissa newborn fitteds
Second row - borrowed Thirsties XS covers
Third row - two Itti Bitti Delish snap in ones, one small Blissful Booty AIO, Rumparooz cover
Fourth row - 1 Kissa small fitted, 1 small Little Fancy Pants fitted, 1 Bum Checks stuffable AIO that I never liked on DS and hoping it'll go better on DD.
Fifth row - 2 grovia AIOs (DS has already outgrown them)

Also have
24 orange edge prefolds (borrowed)
24 slightly larger newborn/infant prefolds (6 given to me)
12 premie prefolds (given to me - been told they make good pp mama cloth lol)
12 small flats (given to me)
2 stuffable OS fitteds (using on DS currently, but they're girly and should fit DD before 2 months)

DS is mostly in OS pockets on the largest rise. Most are mom label Kawaii which were on the smallest rise setting on him when I got them at 4 months, so I don't expect them to work for a bit on DD!

Now to figure out how to efficiently organize them all at our diaper changing station in the laundry room....EEK!

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That is such a cute stash!! I love it! Another reason I want a third kid is so I can get newborn fluff! I haven't ventured into wool yet, but I did order some PUL fabric and microfleece to make my own pockets. I'm loving pockets!

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Cuteness!! For the sake of our bank account I've really worked on convincing myself that wool is overrated.

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If I had the ability to sew I'd be making up cycled soakers and longies! I still haven't given up on knitting, but at this rate it'll be baby #3 who might get to enjoy that. Lol

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I'm dying over the soaker with the bird!!! LOVE that one! We like our wool. I do like our PUL covers as well b/c they are trim but for around the house, I just put her in shirts and let the wool cover show. Plus, I buy some used so I justify it by telling myself I'll sell them for close to the same price. I only buy new if they are on sale or a seconds sale. I have some longies that I'm dying to use but they are still a bit big and it's still too warm. As soon as the first real cold front hits, look for a pic on FB. Biggrin Oh, and I have one Kissa fitted that I like. It was in a mixed lot of fitteds that I got.

*sigh* Nora grew out of our newborn fluff a long time ago. It all looks SO tiny now.

ETA: I also have one Little Fancy Pants fitted. It's a little bulky but super soft! I also got it in the mixed lot of fitteds. I has skulls on it, not my first choice but still fine to use. I like the Sweet Peas (Is that what I have?) fitteds. Mine are snapless which is a little strange but I just use the cover to keep them in place.

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The bird one was super cheap because the maker put the bird on the front instead of the bum. Lol
Pink longies and the wool wrap were bought from local mamas eager to get stuff out of their house. The cream and brown was from a local CD swap - got rid of some pockets I wasn't using at all! And the orange and yellow wool isn't the best made ever, but they were super cheap seem pretty solid to be used as night covers once she gets big enough. And I have two skirties OTW used from a FB wool swap. There's soooo much I want to try, but I know I need to hold off and see her size and growth pattern.
I hated the mother's ease fitteds with Aiden, so I'm giving a couple other a try this time. I do have stuffable fitteds from Greenchild Creations that I'm loving on Aiden right now. They're snap less fitteds where I fold down the rise to whatever I want it to be, stuff with whatever extra I want to (if needed), and I use a boingo to keep the two tabs in place (maker suggests pins but I suck at pins!!). Been told snappis work well on then with non mobile kiddos. I actually really do like them being snap less. I may have to buy two more since a couple of prints are super cute......:p

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cute stash!

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I love your newborn stash!! So adorable and diverse! I love it. I'm trying to start small with the younger stuff (I have the older/bigger stuff already from Kostas). I really want to try more wool but I have to pace myself so I don't spend too much.

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I love your wool. Smile I miss the tiny newborn fluff. I hope mine gets unpacked soon!!

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Okay, not newborn but seriously how cute are these?! Top skirtie should fit sometime in the spring/summer. Bottom depends on what kind of baby she is as to when she'll fit it.

Thank God I'm frugal elsewhere in my life. Lol

And my son's current stash (it's turned a bit girly hasn't it? lol). Not pictured are 2 pockets, 12 large prefolds, 15 larger flats, and 4 covers.

Mostly pockets with 3 fitteds, 2 tuttos, and 1 AIO.


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OMGoodness those skirties are SO cute!!!

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So cute! I'm waiting for newbie to gain some weight so he can fit into his fluffy dipes, our other babies were big so I didn't bother with NB cloth but he is tinier than his brothers so we may be waiting a couple weeks.

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You'll be there soon! Smile