Need to strip, need advice

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Need to strip, need advice

We've cded DD's whole life... And have pretty much lived with super stinky diapers the whole time too. It's the ammonia smell once they are peed on. It is horrible, and now that I'm pregnant and have super nose, it is so much harder to ignore.

So I have some Dawn that I brought with me from the states and I will strip. Do I really just do one hot wash in dawn and then rinse, rinse, rinse?? No soaking first??

Also- I read in the sticky about avoiding the ammonia smell to stop using vinegar. Well, we've never used vinegar. So what else could be causing this?? We used to use Allen's Naturally soap, and now use Rockin Green. Our washer is connected to a small electric water heater which I will say does not get the water that hot- but we had these problems when we lived elsewhere and had super hot water too.


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The ammonia smell could be from leftover detergent being in the diapers. Make sure when you're rinsing that you keep rinsing till there are no signs of soap in the rinse water.

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No advice as I've never stripped but super huge congrats on your pregnancy!! I remember that super nose all too well. Boooo.

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Thanks, Erin! Yeah, super nose + stinky diapers sucks!

Well, DD has a stripped diaper on tonight, so let's see how she smells in the morning!

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I had some smell issues also and did a Rock N Soak and it worked wonders!! Since you have rock n green, if you haven't tried that yet, you should! I believe they have directions in their site but basically you soak your diapers overnight and then wash and rinse in the morning. Took care of our problem very easily!! Smile

GL and I hope you find something that works! KUP!!

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I've had some luck with adding an extra wash cycle to my loads. I do the rinse first, then wash and rinse with a diaper-friendly detergent, then I wash again with blue Dawn and a final rinse. It worked great on my diaper load two days ago, so I'm hoping that is the answer for us. (I used a diaper that was washed without the extra Dawn wash last night and it was so sticky this morning, hate that!)

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i was having the ammonia stink issue, too, and it was making me crazy! it started when we moved into a new house with an HE washer, so i attributed it to detergent buildup since the HE washer uses so much less water. i soaked my diapers overnight in hot water in the bathtub with a small amount of a diaper-friendly detergent (eco sprout) and then did a few rinses in the washer and the problem is gone! since then, i've made sure to use the absolute minimum amount of detergent, add an extra rinse at the end of my wash cycle, and i found a button on my HE machine called "water plus" that makes the washer use more water than it normally would, and i think all those measures are helping to prevent the problem from happening again. good luck!