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Hey ladies! I'm gearing up to CD my 2nd LO in about 8 weeks so I have been lurking and figured I would introduce myself Smile

I'm Shauan and I have a 5 y/o named Kostas who I CD'd from about 1 to 2 and then he was done in diapers. So I am completely new to CDing a tiny baby and still relatively inexperienced in all things CDing. I am piecing together a smaller sized stash and still have the bigger stuff I had from Kostas. I won't be starting with CDs until baby is several weeks/a month because I have to leave town to birth (small Alaskan island that doesn't do births) and won't be back right away.

I am looking forward to getting to know you all better and learn more about the in's and out's of CDing!! Smile

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Welcome! How far do you have to travel for the birth? It looks like I'm going to have to travel as well but for different reasons.

Your little one is adorable!

For the itty bitty stage, I really liked GMD prefolds (Green Mountain Diapers: Prefold Diapers) along with our thirsties covers. Smile

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Welcome to the board! Biggrin When I first started thinking about cloth diapering [almost five years ago...time goes so quickly!], reading through this board was such a huge help and resource. I hope it proves to be the same for you!

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I know I replied, but apparently the internet ate my post. Beee

Anyways, welcome over to the CDing board. And if I was in your situation I would totally be skipping the newborn CD period!