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New to CD!

Hi! I'm Katie and I have 3 kids! I have a 6 (almost 7) year old, a 2 (almost 3) year old, and my 4 1/2 month old son. This is the first time I'm EBFing and he was going through diapers like crazy lol so I decided to try CDing! Esp since where we are (we're military) BFing, cloth diapering, baby wearing, and co sleeping are very big things! (I hardly co sleep but I do all the rest now Smile )

Anyway, so today is my first day with CDs. I'm really excited. So I may come here with a bunch of different questions off and on lol. Oh and I bought like 61 diapers HA HA! I did that though because my 2 year old is off and on if she wants to potty train and hasn't been doing well with it, so I figured the cheaper way to go was CDing (esp since her diapers cost $20 for 100 and they do not hold in smell at all lol. (I use parents choice for her)

I will include my son in his first CD Smile

Okay so a few questions, I was told I can use All Free and Clear for detergent. That's okay right? That's what we have because DH is allergic to a lot of detergents (I found out the hard way to never buy the blue colored lol poor guy had a rash for about 2 weeks!) Also, after a poop diaper, when going to wash, what do I use so it doesn't stain? Is spraying Fantastic on it okay? Or do I need special stuff for that? And (this may sound dumb) with Desmond's diaper, it looks really bulky under his onesie. Is that normal because I have it snapped to the smallest or did I do something wrong? Lol. I have two liners in each diaper because I figure that's the safest bet, or should I only use one unless at night?

Sorry for all the questions! I'm just so excited about it! Here's Desmond in his new cloth diaper!

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Adorable baby!!!!!!

Here is a link I found VERY helpful regarding what is and isn't safe to use on cloth diapers: Cloth Diaper Detergent Chart - Best Detergent for Diapers :: Diaper Jungle

I would definitely not spray them with Fantastic. EBF poop stains vanish just with drying them in the sun! Once you introduce solids, you'll get more stains, but honestly...these things catch poop. Try not to worry too much about stains--just make sure they smell clean and fresh, and you'll be fine.

Good luck!

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So cute!!! Welcome. Smile

You can try 1 insert - it's a trial and error for each kid since each kid pees differently.
Yes, CDs are bulkier so onesies will sit and fit differently.
All F&C can be used, but the majority of people will eventually have to strip their diaper due to detergent build up (diapers will stink eventually). Maybe look at Crunchy Clean? Just use it on cloth diapers, so it'll last awhile and shouldn't affect your DH too much. Crunchy Clean: All Natural, Earth Friendly Cleaning (hopefully links to their ingredient list for you)

And don't spray or do anything with your diapers. Staining doesn't affect them. If it happens and it bothers you, throw the clean wet diaper from the wash outside into the sun. Magic happens and it'll disappear. :mrgreen: