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New Fluff Pictures

Hi ladies! I wanted to share some new fluff pictures b/c these diapers are just too cute, affordable, and well-made! I told you about them when I ordered but incase you missed the post, they are Nana Pants by Betsy and she is on etsy. They have the Zorb insert which has worked great so far and washed well so far for me... takes about four to five washes to really absorb a lot though. (Also, stripping my bamboo diapers the other day took care of the stinch problem!)
I designed this diaper but ended up not liking the design b/c of the huge red letter "A"... reminds me of the scarlet letter, lol:

I love this diaper and plan on ordering another that has the peace symbol, a heart, and the international breastfeeding symbol:

The Grinch:

My favorite, Jack the Pumpkin King:

And a few other pictures of my sweety:

And all my babies with their grandpa at Halloween:

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Those are so cute...especially the Grinch Smile

Your LO is adorable too. And are those Cookie Monster socks?!? I love them!

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They are cute nappies. I just got new fluff in, I need to get some pictures but I have a toddler who won't stay still for long.

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I like the BFing symbol one. TFS! Smile

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Those are great! TFS the idea!

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The diapers came out great and he is adorable Smile

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Love the Grinch one, I have been meaning to share my fuzzy butt pic's of Lilly, we made the switch to cloth a few weeks ago, and I am loving it. Fluffy bums are so cute.:D

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Cute! I love everything he is wearing!