new FSOT?!

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new FSOT?!

Hi ladies!

I think we're overdue for a new FSOT thread. What do you think?!

I was looking on there yesterday for some girly things and most of the things that are left were posted in early-mid 2010!!! :eek:

Anybody agree with me?! If so, I can ask an Admin to sticky/unsticky a new one for us.

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I have girly things! We're done having babies so no more girls in diapers for me. I have to check and see what kind of condition they are in after being stored for 2 years now. I agree though, we need a new sticky, I'm not even sure if many of the people who had posted on there check here anymore.

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Hey Ashley, do you do wool? I have a really cute skirty wool cover that a mama friend made for Daphne. You can have it you want it (just PM me your address). I'll have to dig it out of storage, but we won't be putting it on this baby. Wink

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Sorry, no girly things here but hopefully there's enough interest to get you what you need/want!

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There were a few girly things on there, but the post was SO OLD I felt silly for inquiring the poster about them. So I thought we just need a new one!! I'm sure so many of us having stuff sitting around that we could post there, it's kind of fun to look through there. I know I need to dig out and post some of our boy things.

I'd love to look at any girly things you guys have. I've been watching DS because we mainly need covers, but I'm also interested in a few girly pockets to add to our stash. Joy, I did try some wool with Miles but didn't really fall in love with it. Sad I'm kind of lazy and like to lay the prefolds in the cover, I'm terrible at folding prefolds!

I'll contact admin if nobody opposes to a new one!

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i totally agree, was thinking the same thing!

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It's been driving me nuts that the FSOT thread is so old and unused! Lol

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The new FSOT is made and stickied!!! Start posting! I'm hoping to go through our bin within the next couple of days so I can post a few things we won't be needing for our little girl.