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Post anything that you think needs to be added. I checked all the links currently work let me know if you find one that dose not. All request from other SICKY have been added.

CD Lingo

Diapering Definitions (click)

PF- Prefold
IPF- Indian Prefold
DSQ- Diaper Service Quality
MOE- Mother of Eden
HH- Happy Heiny
JB- Jonny Bottoms
BB- Better Bum
EC- Elimination Communication
TTO- Tea Tree Oil
MT- Mommy's Touch
EUC, GUC- Excellent Used Condition, Good Used Condition
PPD- Postage Paid (Price includes postage)
BP- Berryplush
AIO, AI2- All-in-one, All-in-two
CD- Cloth Diaper or Cloth Diapering
CPF- Chinese Prefold
UB- Un-bleached
OS- One-Size
FB- Fuzzi Bunz

FSOT lingo (for sale or trade)
EUC_exacelnt used condition
PPD-parcel post paid (so the shipping is not extra but included in the price)
NIP-new in package

Reviews and General cloth diaper info

Diaper pin
Berware the diaper Analyzer
Born to Love
The Diaper Hyena
Diaper Pages

General List of Cloth Diaper Shops

Kellys Closet
Natural Babies
Choosey Diapers
Ducky Buns
Lil Bunz
Heiny King
Jardines Diapers
Home Grown Baby store
The Stork Wearhouse
No Pins 4
Soft Cloth
Snooty Booty Diapers
Frog and Elephant
Fuzzi Bunz seconds
Emi Beans
Middle Earth
Wildflower Diapers
Tinybirds organics
Pampred Cheeks
Wee Bunz

General List of Cloth Diaper Shops & WAHMS for our UK ladies!

The Natural Baby Resource
The Baby Orchard
The Nappy Lady
Kitty Kins
Bumm Diddy Baby


Diaper Swappers
Orange Star Fish

Wool Info

Wool: how to care for, how to lanolize and Wool cover reviews.
Diaper Pin wool cover Reviews
Northern Essence (wool care)
Sudz n Dudz (wool care)

Patterns for Making Wool Covers

Make Your Own Baby Bum Sweaters
Free patterns
Pears Easiest Longies Pattern
Aubrey Doodlepants
Itchy Fingers Longies Pattern (you have to be on Ravelry to get it)
soaker -- Punk Rock Knitters

Patterns that cost money
Little Turtle Knits Picky Pants (about $12-$15 I think)
Sheep Time Knits Sheepy Pants (less than $6)
Adorablebubble Baby Britches ($7)

And a ton more on Hyenacart

Make your Own Diapers

Baby by You
Sewing a Pull-on Fleece Cover
How to make your own Pocket Diaper!
Sew Diapers
Diaper Sewing
Otoobre design
Diaper sewing tutorials
Zany Zebra free diaper patterns

Pre-Folds, Contours, and Flats

Flats are simply large squares of cotton or other fabric that you fold many times to fit baby. Pre-folds are less work, they are partially folded and then sewed so you will have many fit options, but not quite so much folding to do. PFs and flats are most likely what you were cloth diapered with, if you were CD as a baby. Contours are many layers of fabric that are sewn together in a shape that fits baby, no folding required. All three will require a cover to be waterproof. You may also choose to close your PFs, contours, and flats with either pins, or snappi.

Diaper Folding 101
Little Lions


Fitted diapers are shaped to fit baby and will usually include some form of closure, either snaps or aplix. Fitteds are often bulkier than PFs, but also easier to put on, and sometimes more absorbant. You will need a cover to make fitteds waterproof. Fitteds are perfect for under wool, but any cover works well with them.

Happy Hempys
Heiny Huggers
Tiny Tush One- Size
Swaddlebees Pocket Fitted
Mommys Touch One- Size
Bum Genius


Covers are strictly waterproof, they are not absorbant on their own. They go over a non-waterproof diaper and can be made out of many different fabrics. Covers can be reused several times unless pooed on. Simply wipe it dry with a wipe, or allow to air-dry and then re-use. You generally need 2-3 covers for every dozen diapers that require a cover.

Imse Vimse
Mother- Ease Rikki
Mother- Ease Air Flow
Stacinator So- Simple
Stacinator Fleece
Green Earth (no wholesaler page)

Wool Covers

Wool covers have the advantage of being a natural fiber, so they breathe more than PUL. Because they breathe, they are actually cooler than PUL, and wool is great for rashy babies, because it lets the skin breathe. Unless pooed on, wool covers can be used many times between washing.

Tiny Tush Wrap
Tiny Tush Soaker
Imse Vimse

Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers will have one layer of a waterproof fabric, and one layer of a fabric that will wick moisture away from babies skin. Pocket diapers must be stuffed with an insert to make them absorbent. You cannot re-use a pocket diaper after it has been wet or soiled, it must be washed.

Happy Heinys
Fuzzi Bunz
Mommys Touch One-Size
Bum-Genius One- Size

All-In-One, All-In-2

AIO are just that, they are waterproof, and absorbent. They are very convenient, but generally are also more expensive, and take a long time to dry. AI2 dry faster, because they are two pieces. AI2s contain an outer shell that may have some absorbency, and a soaker that either lays in or snaps in to add most of the absorbency. Also, if the shell is not soiled on, many of them can be reused with a new soaker, or even as a cover with a PF.

Berry Plush
Mommys Touch One- Size
Bum-Genius One- Size


Happy Heiny's
Imse Vimse

Mother of Eden- but I cannot seem to find a wholesalers page.

WAHM made Stuff We Love

Better Bums
Jonny Bottoms
Fuzzy Fannies
Green Acre Designs
Lucy's Hope Chest
Fuz Baby
Righteous Baby
Lullaby Diapers
Sweet Cheeks
Knit in Your Pants
My Precious Baby by April
Prestons Pants
Rouser's Trousers
Check Hyena Cart for great WAHM made diapers and accessories.

All things Wipes and Solutions

Homemade Baby Wipe Recipes
Honey Chunks
Kissaluv Diaper Lotion Potion
Wipes Solution Recipes
California Baby Diaper Area Wash
Baby Bits

Wetbags and Pail Liners

Most people here use Mother of Eden, but I can't seem to find a wholesalers page for them. I will keep looking though.
Mommy's Touch Pail Liner
Mommy's Touch Wetbag
Happy Tushies (custom)
Happy Heinys

Washing Diapers

Pinstripes and Polkadots Detergent Choices for Successful Diapering
Pinstripes and Polkadots Detergent choices (HE)
Laundry Aids

Neat and Nifty Cloth Diaper things

The Potty Pail
Make your own Deo Disk
Diaper Sprayer
Mini- Shower


Better Bums
Jonny Bottoms
Baby Bragg
Kellys Natural Family Boutique and resources
Caitlyns Curlz
Moments in Cards
Homemade 4 You
Silky Squares
Blue Skye Designs
Moonbeam Imagination
Alpha Omega
Sara Rose Tutus
The Knitting Nelly

Crafty moms:


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Susan needs to be added to the PO WAHM Spam -

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Up to date

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awe thanks Biggrin

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what about Frisky with her knitting?

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Do you have a site you want listed for the stuff you sell yourself?

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"cdmd1023" wrote:

what about Frisky with her knitting?

give me a link and I will add it

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I only have my photobucket account in my siggy, thanks.

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"cdmd1023" wrote:

I only have my photobucket account in my siggy, thanks.

Hows that?

Anyone esle have a place they post "crafts"?

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awesome! you rock!

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"cdmd1023" wrote:

awesome! you rock!

I have to type out the entire html to make your name click able and the ..... in your sigy with the auto shorting of the link would not let me do it.

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Thanks for adding me, but it is Tutus not Tatus.


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"happymommy1" wrote:

Thanks for adding me, but it is Tutus not Tatus.


LOL sorry fixed it the url code was driving me crazy I think I am going to dream about it tonight. It should be right and the link working now.

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"happymommy1" wrote:

Thanks for adding me, but it is Tutus not Tatus.


I was hoping you were selling baby tattoos ROFL

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"Montys_Mom" wrote:

I was hoping you were selling baby tattoos ROFL


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can my store be added to the cloth diaper shops:
Mama Momo

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Could you add my store also?

Nature Nurture -


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and catherine cdmd has a hyena now

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jules - maybe you could add my shop
for Canadian mamas Smile

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Ok, could you add me please?

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A WAHM I love. Great customer service and beautifully made diapers and covers

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Do you mind adding me?

Thanks Smile

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Can you add mine to this list.

I will be adding more cloth soon. Right now I only have FuzziBunz.

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I can add you all. But I am using my phone. I will be back at A computer in a week or so.

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Idk if you want to add mine because it's all digital art right now but feel free to if you want. I hope to have cloth related stuff in the future but idk. The link is in my siggy if you decide to add it Smile