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Newbie :)

Hi all!!

I'm Amanda, mommy to Ava (4) and Sophie (4 months). Well, it's official! I am officially making the change to cloth! I am super excited! I am currently trying out different types, and already have a few faves Smile

I have a question though, and figured who better to turn to than all of you!

My youngest DD sleeps all night (8pm-7am) but is a huge pee'er. Any recommendations on what I can do at night to help stop the leaks! My only attempt has been using a FuzziBunz stuffed with the liner it came with and bamboo prefold. No such luck Sad

Any help would be great! Thanks all!

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I am using kawaii night time dipes stuffed with their over-size microfiber and bamboo insert, so far, no leaks but he's only a little over a month old.

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My son was a super soaker for a few months (it's gotten better this past month). I had to turn to a fitted with an extra soaker. At one point I had him in a mother's ease sandy's fitted with a soaker on the inside, another soaker wrapped around the outside, and then covered in a Thirsties cover a size bigger than normal. Huge, but worked. Right now I mostly use a pocket stuffed with 2 bamboo inserts and 1 hemp insert. They're never completely soaked and we're sleeping great at night.
CDing at night is a bit of a challenge for some, but it is very possible to find a good, workable solution. Just takes a bit of patience! Smile

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