Newbie cloth pictures

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Newbie cloth pictures

Smile We're still FAR from cloth full time, even just during the day yet. It's taken me a bit longer than I thought it would, I thought for sure by 2 weeks but I'm not pushing it too much. I just haven't worked out a good routine with the 2 in cloth thing. Hopefully I'll get going with it soon, 2 in disposables is pricey! DH has been great but I can tell when I tell him we need more diapers he's wondering when all those new cloth diapers we bought are going to be put to use Lol
Anyways, I am not sure if I announced him here, Isaiah David was born 8/28 at 7lbs 5oz and 19.5in! A big boy compared to my first three who were all less than 6lbs, I was pretty shocked when they announced his weight Lol It was a great birth and he is such a content baby, the big kids all love's been a very smooth transition Smile
This was his first cloth, last week, one of my homemade fitteds with a Thirsties DuoWrap size 1...I'd guess he was 7.5-8lbs last week. Maybe 8-8.5 this week? He was gaining more than an oz a day when we had him checked at 11 days old but that's the last time he's been weighed.

and a Sunbaby today Smile

He doesn't much care for getting undressed so changing time is about when I can get a picture of his diapers.

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You are doing great! Those first weeks are so hard anyway. Love the diapers on your adorable little man!

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Yea!!! I saw your post on the large familes board and I kept meaning to reply.

Congratulations on your big boy. I was happy to see how big he was. Great baking!

I love the little fitted diapers. I think for us there is one more baby in our future, this isn't helping my baby fever!


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Congrats! Love the baby fluff pictures. :mrgreen:

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Aww! That's Logan's bday Smile He's just adorable!

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Awseee CONGRATS mama. He is beautiful! I love me some newbie fluff!