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Newborn Diaper Help

Hi! I am needing some suggestions on what kind of newborn diapers are the best. I didn't start CDing with my daughter until she was a year so I missed out on all the cute tiny diapers. I am not a big fan of prefolds because I can't really fold them very well. My 3 year old could probably fold them better than I can! Are there any good hybrids for newborns? My dryer connection doesn't work so I would have to line dry. How long does it usually take for diapers to dry on a clothesline? Sorry so many questions! I am just excited to start shopping!

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I think it really just depends on personal preference. Some people swear by prefolds for newborns but I too do not like them, even for newborns. I don't know if it's typical but I've found pockets/AIO in newborn sizes don't tend to hold much, which given their size is understandable but that has also meant leaks even before baby's been in it for 2 hours. So for me, my favorite has been fitteds and covers. I don't think I've ever seen a newborn hybrid system but my GroBaby diapers might possibly fit a newborn, I guess we'll see in a few weeks. I make my own newborn fitteds, they are super easy to make yourself and it also saves money. That said, a lot of people swear by Kissaluvs and Swaddlebees for newborns. As far as covers, all of mine are Thirsties size 1. For DS1 they fit at 6lbs even and he still had the scrawny newborn legs (he was 2 weeks when we started cloth)
This was his very first cloth diaper (Again he was 2 weeks, 6lbs even), homemade fitted with a Thirsties DuoWrap size 1

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I am one of those mamas that swear by prefolds for newborns Smile It just takes a little bit of practice on the folding, you have to alter the fold to each child anyway, and they wash so much easier than the big multi-layer dipes which I like for the liquid-poop phase.

That said, I also really like fitteds and covers for little ones, I have a ton of fitteds that I made myself, and also Kissaluvs make both fitteds and contours that are really good. Contours are great for newborns too becasue you don't have to fold them, you get the elastic around the leg but you can still adjust the fit around the waist incase you have a real skinny minnie or a chunker.

I think BSWW are the best for newborns, they're a bit thicker and fit a bit smaller, but Thirsties are really good too.


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I am not good at folding prefolds either, but I really like just laying the prefold folded in thirds inside of a cover. I like Thirsties and Bummis covers. Around 3-4 weeks or so we'll be able to hopefully use pocket diapers.

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I really like prefolds for newborns (and still use them on my 14mo old). Folding took a bit of practice, but it didn't take long to get the hang of it. The jelly roll fold was best for newborn poop. Find a good website that shows the folds to help.

Oh and my dh likes the prefolds best too. He folds them better than I do!